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MusicAnh Khang Releases His Latest MV of 2021 “Tron Tinh Phu The”

Quinn4 weeks ago

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Anh Khang officially launched his latest music video named “Trọn Tình Phu Thê” this year.

The MV was filmed simply and focused on making the song’s melody dulcet, pianissimo, and catchy so that everyone can sing along.

tron tinh phu the anh khang

credit: “Trọn Tình Phu Thê” MV

Sharing the song’s inspiration, Anh Khang said: “I do not have much experience in a relationship; however, I have gone through a spectrum of emotions in love. I found it inspiring to compose the song “Trọn Tình Phu Thê” as I have found my match to live with for my entire life in this world”.

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anh khang tron tinh phu the mv

credit: “Trọn Tình Phu Thê” MV

Anh Khang aimed to use his song “Trọn Tình Phu Thê” to deliver positive and profound thoughts about love and marriage to couples who intend to build a home together. He shared that if there is no room for mistakes, the marriage will never last for long.

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Therefore, honesty, compassion, and communication are the key to a successful marriage. He also hopes that everyone in this world will soon find their match and happily grow old together. Anh Khang also expects that the song “Trọn Tình Phu Thê” will be played at someone’s wedding and become a small part of their most precious moments in life.

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tron tinh phu the anh khang mv

credit: “Trọn Tình Phu Thê” MV

Even though the MV bears such a meaningful message, it was said to have been struggled against other current singles on the market due to the MV’s simplicity. Anh Khang is supposed to have an unmistakable style of music, in general, to be recognized and unforgettable in this competitive music environment.

Tron Tinh Phu The: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gX9k9XdnWCI

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Ohh Thanks to you so now I know one more a good singer. Keep sharing soothing musics like this!~ 👍


Anh Khang is so underrated. He has probably the best vocals out of all the male singers. He is like a Thuy Chi if she was a man.

I’m surprised you guys posted about him! Love this song!

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