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Music“Anh Muon Dua Em Ve Khong” of Ngo Lan Huong Has Stirred up the Whole TikTok Community

Quinn3 weeks ago

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Ngô Lan Hương is a familiar name with Vietnamese young music lovers. She is known for participating in the show “The Voice 2017”, and she is a favorite student of Tóc Tiên – an A-list Vietnamese singer. Although she did not go far at the contest, she left a deep impression on the audience with her beautiful voice and adorable appearance.

After the show ended, Ngô Lan Hương released her own music and participated in many products that were well-received by the audience and became massive hits such as: “Em như nào cũng được”, “Anh muốn đưa em về không”, “Yêu đừng sợ đau”, “Hãy trao cho anh”, “Sóng gió”, “Lời yêu ngây dại”, etc.

Recently, the female singer released a live version of the song “Anh Muốn Đưa Em Về Không”, stirring up the whole Vietnamese music market.

Ngo Lan Huong Anh Muon Dua Em Ve Khong mv

credit: “Anh Muốn Đưa Em Về Không” MV

“Anh Muốn Đưa Em Về Không” is the song that Ngô Lan Hương released its official MV version on January 18, with nearly 5 million views.

Ngo Lan Huong Anh Muon Dua Em Ve Khong vpop

credit: “Anh Muốn Đưa Em Về Không” MV

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Since its launch, the song has received the support of a large number of listeners and dominated digital music platforms and social networks.

In particular, on TikTok, this song was remixed, promptly becoming a trend that TikTok users took as the background music for their clips. It proves that Ngô Lan Hương can not only specialize in covering other massive hits but also affirms her ability to compose and perform her piece.

Ngo Lan Huong Anh Muon Dua Em Ve Khong

credit: “Anh Muốn Đưa Em Về Không” MV

“Anh Muốn Đưa Em Về Không” demonstrates a girl’s feelings when she meets a man of her dreams. The girl in this song is bold, confident, and enterprising. Therefore, once she likes someone, she does not hesitate to approach. Ngô Lan Hương hopes that this single, will transmit positive and joyful energy and at the same time help girls become more confident in expressing their feelings to the guy that they like.

Anh Muon Dua Em Ve Khong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0y7xSULqpM

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I agree that her voice doesn’t stand out as much but also her voice sounds better in other songs by comparison. Maybe it has to do with how they edit the music and voice? I am not sure.


I will be honest, she doesn’t have the best voice but I do enjoy her songs. I feel like there are other singers who have more profound and unique voices where as others tend to sound a lot alike.

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