MusicBao Yen Rosie Transforms Into a Beautiful Muse in “Anh Lai Lam Em Khoc”

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Recently, Bảo Yến has officially released the teaser of the MV “Anh Lại Làm Em Khóc” right after releasing its official poster.

Unlike the bold and charismatic image in the official poster, the female singer transformed into a gentle and beautiful muse in the teaser. However, the audience must be even more surprised after watching the trailer of the MV.

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If pure white is chosen as the theme colour in the MV teaser, the colour of the MV trailer is also somewhat bright and mysterious, which makes the audience more curious about the visual of the official MV as it seems to be opposite to the poster.

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anh lai lam em khoc bao yen rosie

credit: “Anh Lại Làm Em Khóc” MV

The MV trailer “Anh Lại Làm Em Khóc” is covered in a white-grey tint sprinkled with crimson that looks quite magical and enigmatic, in contrast to the bright image and vivid colours of the MV teaser.

anh lai lam em khoc bao yen vpop mv

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credit: “Anh Lại Làm Em Khóc” MV

Each frame of the MV trailer is filled with sadness and tears. Besides, the look of Bảo Yến Rosie in the trailer is also opposite to the audio teaser, making fans extremely surprised.

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anh lai lam em khoc bao yen vpop

credit: “Anh Lại Làm Em Khóc” MV

In this MV, Bảo Yến portrayed a muse, with long, feminine, and gentle hair. However, she reappeared at the last minute with a poster-like image of a personality girl with short grey hair.

The audience has been pleasantly surprised by the Vietnamese female singer‘s several look changes. It is one of the elements contributing to the success of the MV “Anh Lại Làm Em Khóc”.

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Anh Lai Lam Em Khoc:

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The first time I hear her name and listen her voice, she has a great voice 👍 but I don’t really like this song much maybe not my type


I wish you the success you many more songs. Love your voice 


Why she look like a katy perry ?


I like this Vietnamese song very much~ it sounds good


The song is so touching, the tears are so creative, report thui


I just heard it for the first time through the ad, so I went to check it out and then fell in love. Good singing and pretty, her own voice not to be confused with anyone


Beautiful as always. Every time I see her, I can’t help but feel like I am looking at a real-life doll. Very few are as beautiful as talented as she is. 


Wow, she looks gorgeous! Like a porcelain doll. This is a beautiful song and a beautiful music video. I am shocked it hasn’t had way more views. I fully expected at least 5 million.