MusicBeautiful Vpop Rookie Idol Trang Thien Is Still Lovesick in Her Third Song “Van Yeu”

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The beautiful and talented singer Trang Thiên who previously released two songs consisting of “Lỡ Yêu” and “Chia Tay Đi Em Hiểu Mà” released her third song “Vẫn Yêu” on August 8th, 2019. This song was composed by herself like her previous releases. The melody of this song is quite gentle and easy to get sympathy from fans who have faced the same sadness of love.

The lyrics revolves around the sorrow of a girl who still loves her ex despite he left her. She keeps their happy memories and imagines that they are still together. The boy left her many emotional wounds that time couldn’t erase. She knows that she should be sober in love but her heart is still blind. She loves him more than he loves her but he decided to say goodbye to this love and forget their love story.

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One day, the boy was next to another girl, the girl in “Vẫn Yêu” realized that she shouldn’t dream of them being back together again. Despite, how much pain she has, how much love she spent on him, she must move on and accept that they have broken up. When she accepted the truth of their breakup, she found a new direction and opened a new chapter of her life since the past is only the past.

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This release is just a lyrics MV but the beautiful background of Trang Thiên is of a princess in a gorgeous dress. The deep lyrics and the delicate music are very attractive for fans to watch and listen to. This Vpop MV currently sits at 40 thousand views on YouTube and 135 thousand listens on

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“Vẫn Yêu” is a gift that Trang Thiên sent to her fans to mark a year of her debut. She shared on her official Facebook page that “Vẫn Yêu” was composed a long time ago when she had sad emotions about her love at the same time composing “Lỡ Yêu” and “Chia Tay Đi Em Hiểu Mà”. In “Lỡ Yêu”, Trang Thiên is the girl who hesitates to confess to her crush. In “Chia Tay Đi Em Hiểu Mà”, she and her boyfriend have struggled and their love faded away.

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In “Vẫn Yêu”, she sings about a period where she wanted to forget the past love and open a new future. She also revealed that she will come back in September with a completely different style. Let’s wait to see her new music product.

Van Yeu:


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