MusicCARA Introduces a Different Side of Her in “Lam Sao Em Biet Em Buon” Featuring Key of Vpop Boy Band Monstar

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The song “Làm Sao Em Biết Em Buồn” is a soothing melody with the lyrics full of emotions performed by CARA and the music was composed by Trang (Nhạc Của Trang – Trang’s music).

The music video “Làm Sao Em Biết Em Buồn” was released on April 18th, 2018 on DreamS Entertainment’s YouTube Channel.

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The music video “Làm Sao Em Biết Em Buồn” describes a young couple’s love story (played by CARA and Key of Monstar). Like other couples, they experience the whole gamut of emotions, both happy and sad. CARA and Key sent sweet gestures to each other.

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They hugged and gazed at each other passionately and also held hands on the street. The music video “Làm Sao Em Biết  Em Buồn” is eye opening when inserting the contrasting scenes. The girl is disappointed, tired, lonely, and the quarrels begin between them.

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Also, the ending of the MV surprised many audiences when CARA opens the wardrobe and a hand falls down. Due to the romantic scenes in Seoul, Korea combined with the touching acting of Key and CARA, the music video “Làm Sao Em Biết Em Buồn” received many positive comments from the audiences. This is an outstanding collaboration between CARA and Key (Monstar). Simultaneously this song plays an important role in CARA’s music career.

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The music video “Làm Sao Em Biết Em Buồn” currently has over 493 thousand views on YouTube and 9.8 million listens on Zing MP3. Let’s enjoy this marvelous song like other songs of CARA such as “Thôi Đành Rời Xa”,”Em Đã Quen”,”Mắt Nhắm Môi Chạm” (Lou Hoàng, CARA) and Xmas Yêu Thương (JSOL, CARA).

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Lam Sao Em Biet Em Buon:

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