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MusicCARA Released “Magic” a Magical Music Video Filmed in Europe

Windy2 years ago

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CARA is a talented and outstanding rookie of DreamS Entertainment. “Magic” is her second song after the first song named “Em Đã Quen”. The song “Magic” uses the main material that is Pop Alternative.

It is an attractive melody performed by CARA and the music was composed by Mew Amazing. The music video “Magic” was released on August 14th, 2017 on DreamS Entertainment’s YouTube Channel.

cara phuong vpop

Source: pose.vn

The music video “Magic” is a story about a girl who discovers the magic. CARA follows her heart and goes to many places to find love. The huge love in her heart rises strongly. She follows the random hints that lead her to come along with the man she has been looking for a long time. The detail makes the audience curious about the man’s dreamlike silhouette.

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cara magic mv vietnam

Source: kenh14.vn

The music video “Magic” impressed a lot of people because it was filmed in six glamorous European cities such as Grenoble, Nice, Siena, Tuscany steppe, Ghent, and Bruges.

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cara phuong vpop idol

Source: 2sao.vn

Also, the elegant costumes attract the audiences. Many costumes were designed only for the MV “Magic” and brought from Vietnam to those countries. These aspects clearly showed the enormous investment and enthusiasm for the music video “Magic”.

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cara vietnamese idol magic

Source: saostar.vn

This Vpop music video is a huge milestone in CARA’s music career. The music video “Magic” received great attention from the public because of the careful investment in quality pictures combined with charming costumes.

cara magic music video

Source: saostar.vn

The music video “Magic” currently has over one million views on YouTube and one million listens on Zing MP3. Let’s enjoy this great song like other songs of CARA such as “Làm Sao Em Biết Em Buồn”,”Thôi Đành Rời Xa”,”Mắt Nhắm Môi Chạm”(Lou Hoàng, CARA) and “Xmas Yêu Thương”( JSOL, CARA).

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Magic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpzhEbeabXc

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