MusicChi Pu Dressed up in a Japanese Yukata in “Soc Nhiet Hay Soc Chi” Summer Hit Music Video

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After great success with the new MV “Cung Đàn Vỡ Đôi”, Chi Pu continuously released a new MV “Sốc Nhiệt Hay Sốc Chi” on 4th of July. Besides, this young talented versatile artist also posted a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos as a gift to her audience.

In this music video, Chi Pu is no longer a daughter of the Mekong Delta area with a broken heart in an unrequited love relationship, but the image of a modern gorgeous girl is a surprising replacement that she was trying to created.

chi pu in yukata vpop


With a slight makeup look along with a perfect suit, a white shirt and short skirt, all together made her look like an 18-year-old schoolgirl. The MV’s content revolves around the scorching hot summer weather in the North of Vietnam, however, it is getting cooler by the help of the nine medical herb drink that assists to refresh the whole body.

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chi pu Soc Nhiet Hay Soc Chi viet pop

source: “Soc Nhiet Hay Soc Chi” Music Video

She described her feelings after taking this kind of drink via an amusing advertisement video: Right after drinking the drink, she feels as if she was at the “Cherry blossom” country, incarnated as a Japanese girl, dressed up, and dance gracefully with the image of Fuji mountain from afar.

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chi pu Soc Nhiet Hay Soc Chi vpop music

source: “Soc Nhiet Hay Soc Chi” Music Video

Fuji mountain is also one of the most-visited destinations of Japanese people when the summer begins. The tourist zone of the Fuji mountain will be opened from the beginning of July to the end of August to welcome people. The tourists can conquer the way to its peak via many means such as cars, trains, or even walk on their feet. The weather is splendid, and it will never get scorching hot or rainstorms at this time.

chi pu Soc Nhiet Hay Soc Chi vpop yukata.jpg

source: “Soc Nhiet Hay Soc Chi” Music Video

Apart from events, some remote villages such as Shirakawa and Ogimachi will be one of the next worthy stopovers for those who love to enjoy the ancient vibe. There are many enticing activities, as well as renowned food, like Yaki-tori grilled chicken, Takoyaki, Yakisoba stirred-fried noodles, Okonomiyaki pancake, etc.

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Soc Nhiet Hay Soc Chi japanese food

source: “Soc Nhiet Hay Soc Chi” Music Video

So far, the MV “Sốc Nhiệt Hay Sốc Chi” has reached more than 19 million views and 24K thousand likes, which also proved how ebullient every time Chi Pu launches a new production.

Soc Nhiet Hay Soc Chi:

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