MusicChi Pu’s “Cung Dan Vo Doi” Brings Vietnam’s Modern Folk Opera to the Masses

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After the previous hit “Anh Ơi Anh Ở Lại” released in the second half of 2019, Chi Pu officially came back into the spotlight with a new MV “Cung Đàn Vỡ Đôi” with a vengeance on June 3rd.

Once again, the song belongs to the ballad music genre that is profoundly tormenting when listening to. The song was composed by a young, talented musician named Kiên, and he will compose songs exclusively for Chi Pu in 2020.

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Every single word of the song “Cung Đàn Vỡ Đôi” seems to be able to tear people’s hearts due to the deep innermost feelings of a poor girl about unrequited love. As time goes by, the pain caused by that makes her long for oblivion, but still regretfully keeps it along with her. Although the lyrics sound already heart-breaking, the melody is even more painful. The production crew cleverly harmonized and instrumented various instruments along with the mellifluous voice of Chi Pu, all together left such an intense aftertaste to the audience.

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It is confidently said that “Cung Đàn Vỡ Đôi” is the song for those who have been in one-sided love, spent their youth days to chase a person who would never love them back. As to the MV’s images, this is the first time Chi Pu collaborated with Vũ Hồng Thắng – a fresh film director, and the MV was produced in terms of a storytelling video staged in the southwest of Vietnam back in decades. Specifically, the MV tells a story about a girl named Ba Trà (Chi Pu) growing up in a reformist crew of Hai Tân (Quang Sự). Ba Trà has special feelings for Hai Tân, but he only sees her as a little sister. One day, Hai Tân meets Thu Hà (Ngọc Trinh), daughter of an illustrious, wealthy family in town at the time.

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Ba Trà realizes she will always be the sister to Hai Tân, because of the love she has for him. She sacrifices her love to help that couple be together and overcome the disagreement of Thu Hà’s family. However, the couple cannot even go through it, but also has such a tragic ending that leaves Ba Trà in incessant pain. Setting aside the voice, the play-acting of Chi Pu on “Cung Đàn Vỡ Đôi” was highly rated due to her flexibility in many different scenes requiring outstanding acting skills. It can properly be said that Chi Pu has been gradually proving her role as a versatile artist.

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chi pu cung dan vo doi


So far, the Vpop MV “Cung Đàn Vỡ Đôi” has reached close to 20 million views, and 350 thousand likes on Chi Pu Official YouTube Channel.

Cung Dan Vo Doi:

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Was that cải lương at the start of the video? Reminded me of my parents.


@SerenityNguyen yes it is {emoji}:laugh: