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Music“Co Em Doi Bong Vui” Is a Gift That Chillies Wants to Send to Their Fans in 2020

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The song was released on February 6, 2020. Before that, it used to be performed in the live show “Chilies – Mascara” in Sài Gòn and received a lot of positive comments from their fans.

This song from Chillies was written by Duy Khang, he is also the vocal of the band. Normally, their music was sad, talking about broken love. Their songs always follow the ballad or pop-rock genres, which easily touch the audience’s hearts.

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chillies vietnam indie band

Chillies. Source: tcdulichtphcm.vn

However, this comeback single is a sweet song about the feelings of budding love. The lyrics of the song are what the guy wants to talk to his lover, that how his life is brightened when she comes, she warms his life up from the cold of winter. The melodies are lyrical yet cheerful.

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chillies co em doi bong vui

Source: vienvong.com

The “Có Em Đời Bỗng Vui” MV setting is simply in the corner of a café, the band is performing the song in formal dress. Especially, there is the appearance of Đét – a famous indie artist in Hà Nội. Using the black and white tone, the MV seems to bring us back to the old day. With simple materials, the song is not boring but nostalgic and peaceful. That is also the reason that helps the listeners pay more attention to feel their music.

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With these reasons, the song quickly gets nearly five million views. Hopefully, it is another mark on their music path after “Và Thế Là Hết”.

Co Em Doi Bong Vui: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AE3eD-XV4vg

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