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MusicDatG Transforms Into a Vampire in Love Song “Them Bao Nhieu Lau”

Nhan2 years ago

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DatG’s new MV which is called “Them Bao Nhieu Lau” was premiered on January 15th, 2019. Only after one week from its release, it stood at Top 3 on Zing Music Chart. This song’s MV has accounted for 30 million views on YouTube within 5 months.

His previous release “Them Bao Nhieu Lau” was also composed by him. Moreover, he continues working with BeeBB music producer to create this song. This song makes the audiences become quite excited by DatG’s incarnation which has full of mystery and magic factors. The plot of the MV is too hard to understand, however, DatG just gives specific preface without giving any explanation to the MV. On social networking sites, people say that “Them Bao Nhieu Lau” MV is inspired from a legend of evil from Tokyo, Japan.

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Dat G turns into dracula

Source: nhaccuatui.com

With dramatic marks, DatG won Young Artist Top 5 of Zing Music Awards 2018. It is a good sign for his career path.

them bao nhieu lau dat g

Source: yeah1music.net

As we can see through this Vpop MV, the song brings a gentle feeling when ending a love story that is too tormented. Both have experienced many wonderful days, but the girl betrayed the boy. That day the girl pushed him away with her parting words. It pained him so much that he couldn’t weep. He tries to conceal his feelings and become a heartless vampire to forget his lover who was his abiding love. But he can’t do this. As love is still overflowing, he prays that she turns around and stays with him.

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Dat G vpop music

Source: vietbao.vn

After successive successes, this 23-year-old singer starts focusing on his projects extremely meticulously. Like this MV, it left a lasting and dramatic point which shows his maturity in the music field.

Them Bao Nhieu Lau: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sinhZ1l54K8


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