MusicDatKaa Returns With Newest Single “Dong Phai Mo Dang Ai” Following the Popularity of “Ha Con Vuong Nang”

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“Đông Phai Mờ Dáng Ai” is a new music product by DatKaa and QT Beatz. The tune is the second part of the previous “Chiều Thu Hoạ Bóng Nàng,” which is focused on the concept of autumn and winter, according to the production crew.

The song was at #6 on the #zingchart, with approximately 2 million views on Zing MP3.

DatKaa’s real name is Nguyễn Tấn Đạt, and he was born in the year 2000. The male singer has been engaged in the Vietnamese music industry since 2020, and his massive works include “Chiều Thu Hoạ Bóng Nàng” (3rd place, 125 million views), “Hạ Còn Vương Nắng” (5th place, 72 million views), and “Dừng Thương” (3rd place, 72 million views) (7th place, 145 million views).

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On social media, the songs “Chiều Thu Hoạ Bóng Nàng” and “Hạ Còn Vương Nắng” are generating a cover dance movement. DatKaa was even nominated for the top 5 “Discovery of the Year” honors at the Zing Music Awards 2020.

“Đông Phai Mờ Dáng Ai” is a pop ballad that combines bolero colors and Vietnamese western melodies to appeal to a wider audience. The song’s structure is well-executed, including verses, pre-choruses, choruses, a vocal mid-song, a bridge, and a drop at the end. Flute, stork, and current electronic instruments are utilized in the mix.

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The song’s lyrics are about a couple who adore each other but are unable to be together. With a desperate longing for his beloved to return, the young guy gave up all.  The lyrics are bold and literary metaphorizing the character’s mood.

Dong Phai Mo Dang Ai:

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I just knew Datkaa was born in 2000, same as me kkkk


I just love beating my head with the lyrics


I just broke up after listening to this song and crying 


I’ve been listening to this song for a long time… Is there anyone like me




You’re not alone, i am also here to listen this 


Listen to this song the best is the sound of the lute and bamboo flute and never get tired of listening to it


Is there any particular message or meaning dealing with the necklaces? I feel like there is and for some reason, it is not coming to me. I know there has to be a meaning there, but what is it? 


Love the animation for this video. It is modern yet artistic and timeless. The lyrics are great and the music itself, it really has a lot of energy to it. Really enjoying this new track!