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MusicDuong Hoang Yen Rises to Fame with New MV “Khong Phai Em Dung Khong”

Arian1 year ago

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Even though singer Duong Hoang Yen has been singing for ten years, she did not leave a big mark until she released this new song. The first time she was noticed as a solo singer. At Zing Chart’s 52th week, Duong Hoang Yen first entered the top 10 most heard songs with her new hit song “Khong Phai Em Dung Khong?”.

Before that, her name was not famous in Vpop, but through this release, people could see that she invested a lot of effort into this song and MV. The song was “molded” by composer Khac Viet and was released at a time when Ballad is the most popular and current trend in the music market.

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Source: tonghopbao.com

The MV “Khong Phai Em Dung Khong?” was built into a short film revolving around a complicated story about a love triangle that also captivates interest from young people. Hoang Yen coordinated the acting with two young actors who have attracted attention recently:  Bình An and Quỳnh Kool.

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Source: tonghopbao.com

In the MV, Hoang Yen played a girl who was betrayed by her lover (Bình An). After days of doubt, she discovered the truth when a third person (Quỳnh Kool) intentionally opened his phone and video called with her. The guy panicked and came back home to find Hoang Yen. Instead of being weak after crying out all her tears, she decided to “free” herself by cutting her hair and burning all the mementos to erase her affection for him.

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Hoang Yen gets rid of old bad memories (Source: tonghopbao.com)

Undeniably, the story of the love triangle is a big factor for “Khong Phai Em Dung Khong?” loved by the audience. The MV was carefully prepared which not only helped the song enter the top 10 of Zing chart, but also helped Hoang Yen’s popularity with over 25 million views on Youtube within 2 months since the song released.

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Khong Phai Em Dung Khong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb5vQmf2OeM

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