MusicERIK Comes Back With a New Ballad Song “Dau Nhat La Lang Im” Composed by Quang Hung MasterD

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After the MV “Yêu Đương Khó Quá Thì Chạy Về Khóc Với Anh” which is a composition for a game, Erik officially come back with his new ballad song “Đau Nhất Là Lặng Im”.

The song is aired on his official YouTube channel on 17 Feb, 2022. “Đau Nhất Là Lặng Im” is composed by Quang Hùng MasterD and Erik also join in writing the lyrics.

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The sad song describes the helpless feeling of a guy, who silently sees his lover leaving but can’t do anything to keep her. Love is what is inherently happy today, but no one can know what tomorrow will bring.

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dau nhat la lang im erik

credit: “Dau Nhat La Lang Im” MV

Even he tries to keep her or leave everything that happens as it does, he still cannot understand her. “She used to bring him peace, but now she dropped him into the abyss.”

ERIK dau nhat la lang im

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credit: “Dau Nhat La Lang Im” MV

The boy didn’t know how long this silence would last and hoped she would speak, no matter how hurtful it was. The most painful feeling in love is leaving without a word.

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erik dau nhat la lang im mv

credit: “Dau Nhat La Lang Im” MV

The creative content of the MV is the story of a boy falling in love with a girl. He draws the image of the girl, draws his love story on the page, and even manipulates her emotions.

Then he finally realized, it was all just an illusion. The MV also impresses the audience with the angelic beauty of the main actress in the MV – Dương Minh Ngọc. At the end of the MV, Đức Phúc also appears in a cameo role as a lover of the girl Erik dreams of.

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erik dau nhat la lang im vpop

credit: “Dau Nhat La Lang Im” MV

We can see the precious close relationship of Erik, Đức Phúc, and Hòa Minzy when they always appear in the other members’ MVs to support the new product.

Dau Nhat La Lang Im:

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Erik day by day get better in his music, really good songgg 🤧


Erik releasing 2 hit songs back to back? Bravo! 👏👏👏


He is such an amazing man and so talented with his voice. There are a lot of great male singers but they don’t know how to drive emotion behind their voices quite like Erik does.


Wow, when he hits those high notes I get goosebumps and chills! Such a talented man and very expressive with his singing and lyrics. 


this song really catch my heart