MusicErik Transforms Into a Lovebird in His New MV “Yeu Duong Kho Qua Thi Chay Ve Khoc Voi Anh”

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The song is a composition of Nguyễn Phúc Thiện – who has collaborated with Erik in many of his famous songs like “Anh Luôn Là Lý Do”, “Em Không Sai Chúng Ta Sai”.

Erik conquers the audience’s hearts with his emotional voice and poetic scenes in the MV.

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The melodious song and the MV style have the traditional and modern styles combined harmoniously, which is one of the factors that make the MV stand at the top #1 YouTube Music trending after two weeks releasing (January 26th, 2022) on his Official Channel.

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 The song is a ballad genre, describing a one-sided love story of a guy who is always behind to support the girl he loves.

yeu duong kho qua thi chay ve khoc voi anh erik

credit: “yêu đương khó quá thì CHẠY VỀ KHÓC VỚI ANH” MV

With the belief that if they predestined, they will finally be together, he accepts to be a big brother, always beside her, even when she is sad and lonely with her own love. The MV story is also the same as the lyrics’ content.

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 In the MV, Erik plays the role of a boy who is secretly in love with his girl, always by her side to comfort and encourage her.

erik yeu duong kho qua thi chay ve khoc voi anh

credit: “yêu đương khó quá thì CHẠY VỀ KHÓC VỚI ANH” MV

Although he can’t express his love, he is still willing to sacrifice himself to be the one behind to protect her, whether he can be her lover or not, he is still happy, as long as he can be by her side and take care of her.

yeu duong kho qua thi chay ve khoc voi anh erik mv

credit: “yêu đương khó quá thì CHẠY VỀ KHÓC VỚI ANH” MV

However, right after being aired, the song has received a lot of comments that its melodies are familiar with the song “Green Vase” by Jay Chou (a Chinese artist).

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erik yeu duong kho qua thi chay ve khoc voi anh mv

credit: “yêu đương khó quá thì CHẠY VỀ KHÓC VỚI ANH” MV

Netizens suspect that the song plagiarizes the famous song. Replying to the negative comment, the singer’s team shared, this is a song for the game music, composed based on the original melody of this game music. After all, the song still receives a lot of support from fans.

Yeu Duong Kho Qua Thi Chay Ve Khoc Voi Anh:

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I like this song more in Lo-fi version, really really better and brings more feelings. This is the first song of him that I love the most


I once heard this song, I was immediately addicted.. The vibes are soft with a handsome singer which adds to the beauty… the rhythm of this song also makes me excited.. I really like this song


It seems all his songs are famous, that’s true because his voice is so good

but I like the song “Ghen” {emoji}:laugh:  


Some songs just connect with me instantly and this was one of them!

I have played it and listened to it so much that I am beginning to annoy my friends and family with it! haha 


Very poetic and stunning! I have watched this at least a dozen times if not more. I love when music is guided by a music video that tells a story like this. 


Creative style for the music video. I am not sure who is behind these ideas but the recent music video trends have been amazing. This is another great song by Erik. Not surprised. He has the voice of an angel. 


I like how the shots look like paintings! Such a fun and creative idea for a music video. And oh man, he has such a beautiful voice! He really shows it off near the end of the song. 

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