MusicHitmaker Quan A.P Releases “Bong Hoa Dep Nhat” Quickly Reaching Top 1 Trending on YouTube Vietnam

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After leaking the poster and the teaser video of the new music video on Facebook, Quân A.P officially released a new song named “Bông Hoa Đẹp Nhất” on July 9th.

This MV also marked the imposing comeback of Quân A.P with a vengeance after almost a year-long hiatus.

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bong hoa dep nhat vpop mv quan ap vpop

source: Quan A.P’s Facebook page

The MV was taken by a renowned film director, Vũ Hồng Thắng with a special contribution of a handsome guy, Trần Nhậm, and a charming “hot girl”, Dương Minh Ngọc. The MV revolves around a love story. In the MV, Quân A.P played the role of an attractive guy suddenly running into his old crush on a worn road.

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vpop quan ap bong hoa dep nhat

source: Quan A.P’s Facebook page

Then, he reminisced the moment when he first met her whilst she was sitting flat on a chilling floor under a canopy of a coffee shop because of lovelorn. After he invited her to go for a drink to drown her sorrow, he unintentionally fell in love with this lovely girl.

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bong hoa dep nhat vpop music quan ap drinking

source: Quan A.P’s Facebook page

As time goes by, their relationship starts blossoming, but not long after that, he noticed the girl progressively shuns away from him. It turned out that he was only an alternative after that long to fill the void of her ex-boyfriend after all those days.

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quan ap vpop bong hoa dep nhat mv

source: Quan A.P’s Facebook page

As to this production, Quân A.P shared:

“It has been for eight months since my third song was released. Everybody also knows that those eight months was a harsh time because of the Covid-19 pandemic. I was about to launch my new MV right after the Lunar new year, however, the pandemic caused me a financial pressure.”

quan ap bong hoa dep nhat vietnam music

source: Quan A.P’s Facebook page

The Vpop MV “Bông Hoa Đẹp Nhất” is the most careful investment compared to the last three songs of his. He understands how much love and support his fans give him. Therefore, he always thinks of trying his best to bring out qualified production to reciprocate all the love he has received from fans. After the MV “Bông Hoa Đẹp Nhất” was aired, Quân A.P received a myriad of compliments on his performance. Besides, people also spent a bunch of beautiful words for Minh Ngọc, the muse of this MV.

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Bong Hoa Dep Nhat:

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Mv is so delightful, everybody in the mv is excellent. The tune is awesome. Continuously uphold you 


The location of the military put his hand in his pocket when he strolled with Duong Minh Ngoc looks so wonderful

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