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Music“Hoang Hon” – a Lyrical Song From a New Face in Vietnam Underground Music

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Cheung (Bảo Khánh) is an indie artist, before her official MV “Hoàng Hôn” released on May 10th, 2019, she was known for her cover videos on YouTube. She is truly famous after her performance in “Giọng ải giọng ai” show on TV in November 2019.

Cheung received a lot of compliments from the host of the show as well as the audience. The Vpop MV quickly got more than one million views after the show.

cheung hoang hon vpop

Source: Cheung’s official Facebook profile.

“Hoàng Hôn” was written in classical Valse, which is not too vibrant but cheerful. The song gets the attention of the listeners from the very first melodies. Not like any song talking about dusk, “Hoàng Hôn” doesn’t have a moody color, instead, it is sweet and lyrical like the France music style in the 80s or 90s.

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Cheung Hoang Hon vietnam music

Cheung’s vintage style in the MV. – Source: Cheung’s official Facebook profile.

The song draws a picture of the sunset. There is sunshine when the day almost passes by. The bell rings from somewhere to remind people to stop thinking too much about sorrow and just keep a positive attitude towards life. The sunset song interprets the love of life, it’s time to turn into a new page and believe in the future. In the Vpop MV, only Cheung appears from the beginning till the end but she is not lonely. Instead, she enjoys her own life in her way. Everything seems to be so relaxing in a vintage style.

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cheung hoang hon

Some scenes in the MV. – Source: Cheung’s official Facebook profile.

Sharing about “Hoàng Hôn”, Cheung said that it took four years to complete the lyrics and melodies, and three years after that her friend – Bảo Nguyễn sent her the full version of the song and they started to record it. A year later they released the official MV. The song is almost 8 years old.

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cheung vietnam artist

Some scenes in the MV. – Source: Cheung’s official Facebook profile.

“Hoàng Hôn” of Cheung has got a lot of support from fans because of Cheung’s warm and distinctive vocals. Besides that, she also has a unique style of live performance in stage. She creates her mark in the Vietnam music market.

Hoang Hon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBN8Aprluf4

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