MusicHoang Yen Chibi Returns to Her School Years in “Ngay Ngo” MV

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With the cute appearance along with the attractive voice, Hoàng Yến Chibi created a wonderful product for her fans named “Ngây Ngô”.

This Vpop MV is considered as a short film capturing some outstanding scenes of the wonderful school years.

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Thanks to these things, the audience can relive their sweet memories with their peers during the school age. Accordingly, after a long time, this MV still attracts big attention from her fans.

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ngay ngo hoang yen chibi


In this Vpop MV, Hoàng Yến plays a young schoolgirl who falls in love with a good-looking guy. She expresses all her deep love to this guy in a poem, but accidentally, this poem is in the hands of another guy who falls in love with her. The guy tries to steal her heart by his heartfelt love; as a result, the splendid and innocent love of the school-age is opened. Many sweet stories are painted thanks to the impressive voice of this young singer.

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hoang yen chibi ngay ngo


Many audiences comment that the lyrics and melodies of this song touch their heart. After enjoying that song, all nice memories appear in their minds again. Accordingly, “Ngây Ngô” brings unforgettable emotions to the listeners.

ngay ngo vpop chibi


Although this song was released for many years, the listeners still pay much attention to it. “Ngây Ngô” is still performed on the stage of many schools in Việt Nam on special events like graduation ceremonies.

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