MusicHotgirl Thuong Vo Releases New Ballad Song With Vpop Singer Anh Tu “Tim Duoc Mot Nua Hoa Ra Lai Chua”

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The song “Tìm Được Một Nửa Hóa Ra Lại Chưa” is a mild and warm ballad with the lyrics full of emotion performed by Thương Võ and the music composed by Vương Anh Tú.

The music video “Tìm Được Một Nửa Hóa Ra Lại Chưa” was released on December 15th, 2019 on THƯƠNG VÕ OFFICIAL’s YouTube Channel.


The Vpop music video “Tìm Được Một Nửa Hóa Ra Lại Chưa” is a story about a beautiful girl (performed by Thương Võ). Seeming as she has a beautiful love with a beautiful and romantic man. Until accidentally meet each other at a party, she realizes the party owner’s boyfriend is the man who always next to her for a long time ago. She is painful, disappointed and cries when the man shows the sweet gestures with another girl as he did with her before.

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Returning home after witness directly the betrayal of the man, Thương Võ becomes stronger than ever. She continues her work and revenges the man when she officially becomes his colleague at the ending of the MV. Thương Võ is brilliant, happy and gorgeous. The man surprised and worry. The two pictures are totally opposite.

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The music video “Tìm Được Một Nửa Hóa Ra Lại Chưa” received many positive comments from the audiences because of the quality pictures and the lissom scenes at Đà Lạt. The message that Thương Võ wants to send through this MV is: “The women let’s become strong in love. Because the best way to revenge the ex that is beautiful and happier in life. And send to someone who finds the other half, let’s conscious to realize who love we in a real way”.

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This music video currently has over 4.7 million views on YouTube and 14.9 million listens on Zing MP3. Let’s enjoy this notable song.

Tim Duoc Mot Nua Hoa Ra Lai Chua:

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