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MusicHua Kim Tuyen and Phuong Ly Kicks off Campaign “Lac Quan Vuot Dich – O Nha Van Vui” With Many Other Vpop Artists

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The campaign “Lạc quan vượt dịch – ở nhà vẫn vui” kicks off with the music video of Hứa Kim Tuyền, which features the young and beautiful voice of female singer Phương Ly with a lively dance by choreographer Quang Đăng.

In addition, Vietnamese artists Châu Bùi, Trương Quỳnh Anh, Quỳnh Nga, Đăng Khôi, Long Chun, Thanh Tâm, and favorite content creators Việt Mỹ, Tun Pham, and Trần Thanh Tâm would also be participating in the video.

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lac quan vuot dich o nha van vui phuong ly vpop

credit: “Lạc quan vượt dịch – ở nhà vẫn vui” MV

The MV ” Lạc Quan vượt dịch – ở nhà vẫn vui ” is a trigger that arouses the positivity within everyone thanks to cheerful music and uplifting lyrics.

TikTok also officially launched the #onhavanvui challenge from August 29th to September 11th, encouraging users to join hands to spread positivity through everyday activities at home, such as cooking, exercising, studying, watching movies, making fashion shows, and choreography creation.

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phuong ly lac quan vuot dich o nha van vui mv

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credit: “Lạc quan vượt dịch – ở nhà vẫn vui” MV

TikTok will also donate 10,000 VND for each qualifying video or Livestream that participates in the campaign, with a maximum value of 1 billion VND, to support the Vietnam Red Cross’s Covid-19 response actions.

lac quan vuot dich o nha van vui phuong ly

credit: “Lạc quan vượt dịch – ở nhà vẫn vui” MV

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In addition, on September 15th, a virtual meeting with artists such as Phương Ly, Quang Đăng, Hứa Kim Tuyền, Thịnh Suy, Jsol, Cara, and many more intriguing interactive activities will be held straight on the TikTok platform. They will together share their home quarantine experiences with their beloved fans.

Lac Quan Vuot Dich – O Nha Van Vui: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QTSrZwcjNE


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