MusicHuong Ly Collaborates With Actor Kha Vu in “Neu Co Kiep Sau”

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The song “Nếu Có Kiếp Sau” by Hương Ly and Kha Vũ was recently released, engaging many young Vietnamese music lovers.

The views of “Nếu Có Kiếp Sau” have constantly increased and held a position in the Top 10 Trending YouTube.

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huong ly neu co kiep sau vietnam music

credit: “Nếu Có Kiếp Sau” MV

Hương Ly puts a lot of effort into the MV, especially when she teams up with actress Kha Vu to appeal to a younger audience. Not only is it Hương Ly’s first historical MV, but it also has a completely distinct vibe from any of her other productions.

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It is known that the song “Nếu Có Kiếp Sau” is the latest composition of the young musician Kim Kim – Gà. “Nếu Có Kiếp Sau” bears a sorrowful tune and is filled with regrets about a girl’s unfinished love. “Nếu Có Kiếp Sau” is Hương Ly‘s new effort, which is both visually and musically appealing, is likely to create a new record in views for the vocalist.

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huong ly neu co kiep sau mv

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credit: “Nếu Có Kiếp Sau” MV

If Huơng Ly is a well-known name connected with songs reaching millions of views, Kha Vũ is a relatively new name in the Vietnamese entertainment industry yet is seen as a potential new face.

huong ly neu co kiep sau vpop

credit: “Nếu Có Kiếp Sau” MV

Kha Vũ is a student at Ho Chi Minh City’s School of Theater and Cinema, where he is well-known for his talent and handsome figure. Kha Vu is a potential model on the catwalk, having been selected to participate in the show by designers Hoàng Hải and Thanh Huỳnh.

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Neu Co Kiep Sau:

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a good and meaningful song but i think it’s more like chinese ancient songs than vietnamese🧐🧐

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