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MusicHuyR Reflects the Image of a 30-Year-Old Guy That Many Youngsters Find in Themselves in “Anh Thanh Nien” MV

LyLy1 year ago

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If you often listen to Vietnamese songs, maybe you still remember the song “Cô Gái M52” which created a hot trend around 2 years ago.

This song was performed by a new young factor in the Vietnamese music market named HuyR. Turning to this MV “Anh Thanh Niên”, HuyR still knows how to make his product more attractive by using a simple concept and ear-catching lyrics.

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huyr anh thanh nien mv

(source: YouTube)

In this MV, HuyR plays a role as a narrator to tell a journey of a 30-year-old guy becoming “an adult”. Despite being 30-year-old, the guy still has the innocent thinking and behaviors. He often uses Facebook, does not want to have a date with someone and does not know how to work.

huyr anh thanh nien

(source: YouTube)

However, one day, he meets a girl who makes him change a lot. He has to wake up early at 6 a.m to work, he uses Facebook to look for a job instead of playing, this guy knows that he has to be more mature. The reason accounting for this change is owing to his parents and lover.

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Generally speaking, this Vpop MV is considered as a mirror where many youngsters can recognize their image. Only when they have a lover do they start to recognize their responsibilities for the family. That is also a reason explaining why “Anh Thanh Niên” MV receives a lot of concern from the audience. After around 2 months of releasing this MV, it gained 85 million views on YouTube.

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Anh Thanh Nien: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPL74s4VPdk

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