MusicJayKii Releases “Yeu Duoi Ai Xem” the Sequel to His Previous Song “Cang Lon Cang Co Don”

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After the imposing comeback with the MV “Càng Lớn Càng Cô Đơn”, JayKii surprisingly returned on the Vietnamese music market with the latest song “Yếu Đuối Ai Xem” that was composed by none other than JayKii himself.

The MV “Yếu Đuối Ai Xem” is the continuing part of the previous one “Càng Lớn Càng Cô Đơn”.

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yeu duoi ai xem jaykii mv

credit: “Yếu Đuối Ai Xem” MV

JayKii’s “Yếu Đối Ai Xem” begins with the scene of JayKii waking up in the morning and feeling tormented. Suddenly, he realizes that his then-girlfriend already has a new boyfriend.

Even though JayKii and the girl have separated for a while, he is still knee-deep in love with her and can’t help but thinking about their old memorable, adorable memories.

yeu duoi ai xem jaykii

credit: “Yếu Đuối Ai Xem” MV

Only JayKii relives the old days without being able to leave that memory land. Apart from the simple and intimate lyrics exposing through JayKii’s expressive voice, the MV “Yếu Đuối Ai Xem” also impresses the audience with its creative approach of conveying stories through JayKii‘s Facebook page postings.

jaykii yeu duoi ai xem music video

credit: “Yếu Đuối Ai Xem” MV

Speaking of the inspiration to write the song “Yếu Đuối Ai Xem”, JayKii shared: “In this time of uncertainty, I want to make something special for my audience.

jaykii yeu duoi ai xem mv

credit: “Yếu Đuối Ai Xem” MV

“Yếu Đuối Ai Xem” is a spiritual gift as well as a piece of encouragement, reminding people to be brave both in love and in life. I’m hoping for a positive response to the music from the general public.”

Yeu Duoi Ai Xem:

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Okay this is so beautiful !!


The way to make the MV is really impressive, the lyrics are running on the background of posting photos on Facebook which is both unique and attractive. especially at the end of the posting he said “Starting something new” shows that he can really give up on her :((

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