Music“Joker” of Vpop Boy Band Zero 9 Is a Music Video Inspired by the Hollywood Blockbuster

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“Joker” is a song with a catchy melody performed by Vietnamese boy band Zero 9 and the music composed by Tăng Nhật Tuệ.

This music product takes inspiration from a Hollywood blockbuster film, also called “Joker”. This MV is part of the project “Mature 성숙한(Trưởng Thành) which includes MV, Book and Album. The music video “Joker” was released on July 10th, 2019 on TNT Production’s YouTube Channel.

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The music video “Joker” impressed the audiences with a very surprising ending. Initially, the audiences thought that this is a boy’s love story because of the romantic scenes between Leo and Alan. They are eating and reading with each other, or they are sitting in a car when it is raining outside. But finally, it’s all just deceitfulness and a plot of a character called Joker.

zero 9 joker vpop music


Zero 9 shared:

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“Joker is a product that needs a lot of….bravery to be implemented. Because this song is quite difficult to listen to, but otherwise it is an interesting challenge for our group. Because after the last year’s hit song named “Pinocchio”, many audiences still want Zero 9 to release many similar songs. However, Zero 9 wants to have more challenges and chose “Joker” as the next chess piece to go on the Vpop chessboard”.

zero 9 vpop music


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Due to the catchy melody combined with the more mature style of Zero 9 and the impressive acting of Leo and Alan, the music video “Joker” received a lot of support from the audiences. The music video “Joker” currently has over 1.7 million views on YouTube. Let’s enjoy this great song like other songs of boy group Zero 9 such as “POM”, “Pinocchio”, “From Zero To Hero” and “Dù Cả Thế Giới Quay Lưng”.

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