MusicJOMBIE and TKAN Release MV “Cafe Khong Duong” – Their First Project for 2021

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It is not exaggerated to say that Cang Nguyễn is one of the Vietnamese film directors who has a lavish style in producing MVs.

It has only been for a few years joining showbiz, but Cang Nguyễn already attained many imposing successes and released a dozen music videos with millions of views.

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cafe khong duong viet rap jombie

credit: “Cafe Không Đường” MV

The booming Vietnamese music market also contributed to enlist a new generation of talented, potential, and creative directors. Among those, Cang Nguyễn and his production crew were then, and are still a prominent name in the Vietnamese music industry.

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cafe khong duong jombie tkan viet rap

credit: “Cafe Không Đường” MV

Starting from scratch when being a college student still, Cang Nguyễn has worked patiently and hard enough to deserve the title given to him. When it comes to Cang Nguyễn, it is certainly impossible to mention the MV “Cafe Không Đường”. Within only three days after its release, the MV has reached the Top 7 YouTube Trending.

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jombie cafe khong duong rapviet

credit: “Cafe Không Đường” MV

The duo TKAN and JOMBIE (G5R) also contributed to this MV. TKAN and JOMBIE have been well-known for their synergy when collaborating together. TKAN’s rap style, along with JOMBIE’s bold rap voice make their fans obsessed with them. “Cafe Không Đường” shows the signature style of this duo, loyal to the electronic melody with a medium tempo. The song brings the audience into the torment of the love story.

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cafe khong duong jombie tkan

credit: “Cafe Không Đường” MV

Earlier in the year 2020, the duo stirred up the whole Vietnamese music market with two massive hits named “Sầu Hồng Gai” and “Hồng Tàn”. The two songs have garnered millions of views and also ruled over the numerous music charts in Vietnam for the past few months.

Cafe Khong Duong:

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A song that makes you listen to it over and over again. The mv and the lyrics are both amazing, that’s why it became a hit.


They are new singers for me and I can say I love them from now on. The rapper has really a cool voice. Cant wait to hear new songs from them 👍


I’d say. I’m digging his directing style too. This song is great! Can’t wait to hear more. I know a friend who would be into this as well, sharing it with him too. :) 


@carson me too. this is my first time listening to his song and this was pretty good I would say. Plus the vibe is just sick.