MusicJombie of G5R Squad Releases Part Four of Series “Ut Oi”

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Jombie collaborated with Bảo Jen and Sino to release “Út Ơi 4” on August 2nd, 2019. This song was premiered on G5R Squad’s YouTube channel and currently has over four million views on YouTube and three million listens on Zing Mp3.

This song was produced by Luxofons with the music according to the Vietnamese Southwest soundtrack. The song tells about the nostalgia of a boy for his ex-lover who left him alone to get married to another man. People blame her when leaving the poor boyfriend for a rich one but he still loves her and can’t forget her images in his heart. He wishes she will come back to him even though he doesn’t have a big house, her love is enough for him.

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jombie g5r squad

Source: YouTube

The lyrics of this song used folk words that belong to the Western dialect of Vietnam. The rap parts of Sino and Jombie depicted the pain of the guy who lost his significant person and lives with the torments of losing her. Besides, the high and sweet voice of Bảo Jen made this song become deeper and immerses listeners to the sadness which the guy experiences.

jombie ut oi

Source: YouTube

The images of this song describe the sad lyrics of this song. Therein, the girl invites her ex-boyfriend to attend her wedding with her rich groom. He wanders around the places where they created their wonderful moments. He doesn’t know what to do but took part in her wedding anyways with a sad face then goes back to his poor shabby house.

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ut oi hip hop

ut oi viet rap mv

Source: YouTube

Finally, he decided to take his backpack, leaving his countryside hometown behind to go to an active city. This means he accepted the truth and found out a new path to change his life to have a new chapter without the sorrows of the past. Most of the footage in this Vietnamese rap MV was filmed in the beautiful countryside in Vietnam with its charming ancient style. Viewers love to see these brilliant scenes, especially in folk music mixed with rap that is intriguing and a different tune to Vietnamese listeners.

jombie viet rapper

ut oi jombie

Source: YouTube

Jombie is a famous rapper of Vietnam underground music scene. He is also the leader of G5R – an organization popular in the Westside of Vietnam. G5R releases many songs that also have folk music styles like “Út Ơi 4”. Bảo Jen – Nguyễn Bảo Thư is a beautiful girl who was born in 1996 and is a traditional martial arts teacher in Bình Định province.

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jombie vpop

Source: YouTube

She used to collaborate with Jombie in other songs such as “Về Nông Thôn Làm Nông Dân”, “Nhàn Vi” and “Tết Cùng Anh Em”. Sino’s real name is Điền Sa Phụng who has also collaborated with Jombie and Bảo Jen in “Út Ơi” part 1, 2 and 3.

Ut Oi 4:


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