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MusicJuky San Tells a Beautiful High School Love Story With Martin Lo in “Anh A”

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Being known after the cover video of the song “Cầu Hôn”, Juky San continuously impresses the audience when becoming a member of Hồ Hoài Anh Team in The Voice Vietnam.

Leaving the contest, Juky San officially became a professional artist and became the most active 2019 contestant. Juky has released three music videos so far, which are “Yêu Rồi Đấy”, “Có Một Người Ở Đâu Đó Trong Thành Phố”, and “Lễ Nhà, Hội Ta”.

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Recently, Juky San has released a new music video titled “Anh À” written by Thịnh Suy. In the song, even though he just takes the role of a backing vocal, he makes the song gentler and soaring.

juky san vietnam artist

source: baomoi.com

The song is the story about the pure feelings of a high school girl for her crush. Juky San’s sweet and lovely voice clearly shows what the song wants to convey. In the MV, she interprets a girl who is coincidentally hit by the ball of a guy but then she suddenly has a crush on him.

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She just unconsciously thinks about him all day and tries composing a song for him.

juky san anh a

The pure beauty of Juky San in MV. – Source: tiin.vn

The Vpop MV stars a famous football player – Martin Lo in the role of cameo. He is recently famous not only for his talent for sport but his ability to be actor and model as well.

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juky san martin lo

source: baomoi.com

A sweet girl who loves music together with a sporty guy, they are the perfect couple in this high school love story.

juky san martin lo vpop

source: hoahoctro.tienphong.vn

Besides Juky, Martin Lo is also a factor that grabs the attention of the audience.

Anh A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvMGOeXVdRM

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