MusicJun Pham Releases a Colorful Fun Song “Day La Mot Bai Hat Vui” With Star-Studded Guests Like BB Tran

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The song “Đây Là Một Bài Hát Vui” belongs to Pop Dance type with the hilarious words combine with the animated melody which performed by Jun Phạm and the music composed by Huỳnh Hiền Năng.

The music video “Đây Là Một Bài Hát Vui” was released on December 20th, 2019 on Jun Phạm Official’s YouTube Channel.

Day La Mot Bai Hat Vui vpop music


The MV “Đây Là Một Bài Hát Vui” describes an excerpt called “Hạnh Phúc Của Một Tang Gia” which remains in a novel called “Số Đỏ” of a writer named Vũ Trọng Phụng. The main character “Xuân Tóc Đỏ” in the music video “Đây Là Một Bài Hát Vui” was performed by Jun Phạm.

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Because he meets the luckiness continuous so from a hooligan, he moves into the high society. After a tennis match, Xuân Tóc Đỏ meets “Bà Phó Đoan” (performed by artist Xuân Hương), from that he slowly moves into her family. The stories full of sarcasm of that rich family begin. Xuân Tóc Đỏ adapts to that high society’s lifestyle.

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The ridiculous stories of that family have shown clearly than ever. The scene is full of sarcasm which is that rich families come in the “Âu Hóa” tailor shop to preparing the costumes for Cụ cố tổ ’s funeral. They fight over the trending costumes to wear at the funeral. The pinnacle of the ridiculous is that the funeral becomes an event. All the characters are smiling radiantly because of the “gorgeous” clothes which they are wearing.

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Source: Yeah1 News

The MV “Đây Là Một Bài Hát Vui” and also this significant novel show the sarcasm with the ridiculous and deceitful things of the high society for a long time ago. A society just thinks about its own sake. Due to the quality pictures and colors, the music video received many positive reviews from the audiences. The music video “Đây Là Một Bài Hát Vui” has a big investment with the attendance of the guests up to 13 people such as artist Xuân Hương, artist Hữu Châu, Ngô Kiến Huy, Minh Dự, Will, S.T and BB Trần.

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day la mot bai hat vui jun pham

Source: Báo Thanh Niên

The Vpop music video “Đây Là Một Bài Hát Vui” currently has over 10.3 million views on YouTube. Let’s enjoy this outstanding song like other songs of Jun Phạm such as “Đã Từng Là Chúng Ta”, “Cô Gái Nhà Bên”,” Thương Em Hơn Chính Anh” and “Tân Thời”.

Day La Mot Bai Hat Vui:

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