MusicK-ICM Teams up With Young Singer Long Non La for “Le Duyen Tinh”

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K-ICM has officially released a new music product called “Lệ Duyên Tình” which is a collaboration between him and a young singer named Long Nón Lá, who was born in Bac Lieu province in the year 2000.

Long Nón Lá is a musician whose song “Hành Lang Cũ” stirred up the whole social media. The music effects that the two guys bring are impeccable, despite this being their first time working together.

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k-icm long non la le duyen tinh vpop music

credit: “Lệ Duyên Tình” MV

“Lệ Duyên Tình” is considered to be very K-ICM with a typical music style: traditional ethnic musical instruments merged with EDM electronic music. The first 15 seconds, as soon as the tune’s melody emerges, makes listeners astonished by hearing the guitar but also makes them think about the sound of the zither.

k-icm long non la le duyen tinh vpop mv

credit: “Lệ Duyên Tình” MV

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Not only is the music wonderful, but the lyrics of the song are also recognized for their thoughtfulness and sophistication, especially the chorus. In particular, this MV has no narrative, no pricey scenes or beautiful techniques, simply two guys carrying guitars singing on the twilight in a charming river.

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Most notably, in this debut, in addition to receiving applause and support from music fans and fandom Keys, there is an equally powerful fanbase that has been fervently pushing views, trying to promote “Lệ Duyên Tình” to the top of YouTube’s Top Trending. This force is none other than the Sky fandom of Sơn Tùng M-TP. It was a big surprise to everyone how supportive they are of the duo.

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Le Duyen Tinh:

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The harmonious combination of many musical instruments brings a very unique and attractive color to K-ICM’s music.


I have to appreciate the art style and look of the music video. That is such a great choice. The song itself is a solid one. He has an amazing voice. So much talent here. 


The beginning of the song is soo soothing. I love it! More team-ups like this needs to happen more often. 


Wow this is poetic! The talent between the two of them is mesmerizing!