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MusicKarik Brings Tears to Miu Le in a New Fascinating Song “Con Thuong Thi Khong De Em Khoc”

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After two months since the music video “Giá Như Cô Ấy Chưa Xuất Hiện” was released, Miu Lê continues making a spectacular comeback with her new notable song named “Còn Thương Thì Không Để Em Khóc”. This is also the collaboration among Miu Lê, Karik and Đạt G in their first music product ever.

The music video “Còn Thương Thì Không Để Em Khóc” is a sad and obsessive ballad performed by Miu Lê and the music composed by Đạt G. The music video “Còn Thương Thì Không Để Em Khóc” was released on December 26th, 2019 on Miu Lê official’s YouTube Channel.

Source: Màn Ảnh Sân Khấu

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The MV “Còn Thương Thì Không Để Em Khóc” is a love story of a couple. Two main characters in this music video were performed by Karik and Miu Lê.

mui le dat g karik con thuong thi khong de em khoc

Source: NhacCuaTui

The girl in the music video had a beautiful and perfect love next to her boyfriend. They were deeply in love. Throughout the Vpop music video is the image of them sitting on the car with each other which represents the march of time. Unluckily, their car went into a dark thunderstorm which also represents the difficulties and storm in their love life.

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miu le con thuong thi khong de em khoc

Source: Thegioidienanh.vn

Furthermore, this is a thrilling MV. Although the woman who loves the man in a profound way, she is still ready to destroy and light up the car to forget the memories of her ex-boyfriend.

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miu le con thuong thi khong de em khoc vpop mv

Source: VnExpress

The special thing of the song is that although this is a ballad song, the music video “Còn Thương Thì Không Để Em Khóc” has a lot of action scenes such as the car being overturned and caught on fire. The song “Còn Thương Thì Không Để Em Khóc” received many compliments from the audiences because of the sharp images and the quality of the music video.

Miu Lê shared: “This is not the MV which I cried the most but this is the most obsessive MV. Not only the burn scene, shattered car, but all of the scenes also exist in the music video “Còn Thương Thì Không Để Em Khóc” left a huge impression on me. The images of the MV interlaced between present and past really makes the audience think and regret about that kind of love.”

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The music video “Còn Thương Thì Không Để Em Khóc” currently has over 5.2 million views on YouTube. Let’s enjoy this splendid song like other songs of Miu Lê such as “Giá Như Cô Ấy Chưa Xuất Hiện”, “Muốn”, “Cô Gái Ngày Hôm Qua” and “Tình Yêu Mang Theo”.

Con Thuong Thi Khong De Em Khoc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioHp2iGUwyg

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