MusicKhoi My Launched the MV “Hong Nhan Muot Phan” Honoring Women

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After many days of teasing, on the evening of October 8th, Khoi My officially re-appeared on the Vpop stage with the MV “Hồng Nhan Mượt Phận”. The long wait of her fans, plus the careful investment from the Vpop music to the images made the MV received great support and quickly achieved more than five million views after just over two weeks of debut.

The title of the MV is curious because in the past, people have the saying ‘bạc phận’ but ‘mượt phận’ is a new concept. Explaining why she chose this controversial title, Khởi My said that when she heard the demo from musician Bảo Thạch and knew the inspirational story of Rejoice – a brand of shampoo, she had an idea on this topic.

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“Since childhood, I often have to listen to such negative words from people around me. But for me, being a woman is a privilege. Always be confident with yourself, appreciate your beauty and take control of your life. Why ‘hồng nhan’ have to ‘bạc phận’?, with the effort and always pursuing the dream, I believe that fate will lie in my hands, ” the Rejoice’s brand ambassador 2019 said.

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Khởi My used the true story of her life to prove that “Hồng Nhan Mượt Phận” is the maxim of the life women should pursue today. With the lyrics and the story of her life, Khởi My inspired the girls to love themselves more. Instead of letting fate decide your life, efforts to overcome difficulties and persevering in pursuing dreams will bring girls success and happiness. And only you are the one who decides for your destiny.

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The Vpop MV reveals the difficult childhood and trade-off with Khởi My’s efforts. From the girl with long beautiful hair being teased by people to the singer who shines in every stage with beautiful hair. Khởi My’s childhood was seldom complete because she was born into a difficult family and her parents were both working manual labors. As a child, aware of her family’s situation, every day after school, Khởi My used to sell firewood to support their living expenses. At the age of 15, a girl with many dreams and ambitions, Khởi My received a big shock when her parents decided to break up. Leaving Dồng Nai province to Hồ Chí Minh City for a career, her mother and her had to live in a small room.

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Staying with her mother, the more she loved her mother, the more she worked hard to get a part-time job, run a show or event, etc. The unexpected changing point in her life came when she turned the page and registered for the Tiếng Ca Học Đường 2007 contest with a simple wish: win the five million VNĐ prize to help her mother pay the debt. Yet the girl who grew up in the outskirts of the city, with her talent and determination, went deep into the final round.

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On the final day, the organizers asked the candidates to wear a white shirt but Khởi My did not have one and has to borrow it. As she did laundry and waited for the competition day, it rained and the shirt did not dry up, so the contestant with number 10 had to wear a wet coat to the stage. The experiences of a difficult time have shaped Khởi My to be strong and successful in the present. Despite a prosperous life now, she was always simple, not wearing high end brands, not being blinded by fame, etc. More precious was that she did not deny the difficult past and treasured those years.

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Recently, the Đồng Nai singer has brought her life story into the latest music product. The music video begins with a pretty girl with long, smooth hair, playing innocently with the kids in the neighborhood, but being teased by the same kids because of her long hair. But the more unhappy Khởi My became, the more and more determined she became to rise up to the occasion. Relocating to Hồ Chí Minh City to attend the Tiếng Hát Học Đường 2007 contest, the name Khởi My gradually became familiar to fans.

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Not stopping there, six years later, Khởi My continued to resonate when she won a double prize in Gương Mặt Thân Quen competition in the first season. Now, she is a famous artist with more than 10.5 million likes on her fan page – the number that many artists aspire to reach. It was also a journey to change the fate of a fateful fate with her mother’s sweat and tears, the relentless efforts of Khởi My and the support of friends and fans. It’s been a long time since fans of this female singer have had the opportunity to rejoice at their idol’s comeback.

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This music video marks the return after a period of hiding and the reunion of Khởi My and musician Bảo Thạch since the singer got married. Hopefully with this new ambassador position, Khởi My and Rejoice will continue to inspire women with meaningful projects coming up.

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