MusicKimmese Releases Song About Protecting Our Environment Called “Ngoi Nha Xanh”

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On June 18th, 2019, Kimmese released a song that is meaningful and necessary on this occasion titled “Ngôi Nhà Xanh”. This song is to call everyone to contribute their hands to protect our environment.

This song was composed by Kimmese and is a collaboration project between her and Viet Nam Heineken. This music project was made with the hope to inspire not only 3500 staff of the company but also all the people to have a green life.

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This song has an ear-catching melody with simple and close lyrics that are easy to remember and sing along. The lyrics tell about the story of Kimmese and share a meaningful message. She wants to pick up the bag and go to the places where are full of sunny and windy.

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She says goodbye to the pollution of the city and the hot weather. She used to be an even-minded kid until she realizes the sky is not as blue as it was and the garbage everywhere. She encourages everyone to keep our Earth clean and green by many acts such as don’t litter anywhere, clean all the stuff after each party, reduce using plastic. Besides, she also advises people to have responsibility for their life by not driving after drinking alcohol.

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The images of this MV are all illustrators by Tree Studio showing many wonderful scenes in the countryside and ocean of Vietnam. This made viewers have to think about what they did and should do for a more beautiful Vietnam. Vietnam stands at the fourth position over the world about the amount of plastic garbage discharged into the sea. Through this Vpop MV, Kimmese wants to contribute her hands to build a green planet by using a green lifestyle and reducing waste.

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ngoi nha xanh

ngoi nha xanh vpop mv

Source: YouTube

Kimmese is a familiar name with young people who love Vietnamese Rap. The singer-composer made impressive with good songs such as “Emotions”, “Độc Bước”, “Real Love”, “Hương Ngọc Lan”, etc.

ngoi nha xanh vpop music

Source: YouTube

“Ngôi Nhà Xanh” currently sits at 750 thousand views on YouTube.

Ngoi Nha Xanh:

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