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MusicLa Phong Lam Shows His Gratitude to the Frontline Workers in “Doi Cho Di Con Mai”

Quinn1 month ago

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Lã Phong Lâm, a musician with a distinctive voice, has just launched the music video “Đời Cho Đi Còn Mãi” which he composed himself to honor the medics and forces fighting the Covid-19 pandemic on the front lines.

The male Vietnamese singer stated that even though it has been two years and four outbreaks, he has witnessed far too many miserable scenes suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. He is grateful to the frontline medical professionals, sponsors, and philanthropists who continue to serve society’s most vulnerable citizens.

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“I am so touched knowing that my friends, family are doing all kinds of possible things to help people who are in need at difficult times. One of my close friends also rushed into the center of the pandemic, Ho Chi Minh City, to donate food and call on friends to buy ventilators to help people.

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doi cho di con mai la phong lam vpop music

credit: “Đời Cho Đi Còn Mãi” MV

Moreover, I was deeply moved by the campaign for treatment hospitals.” Lã Phong Lâm expressed his thoughts. “This song is also a gift that helps to give more strength to the unsung heroes who preserve the people’s safety day and night amidst the COVID-19 pandemic,” Lã Phong Lâm added.

doi cho di con mai la phong lam vpop

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credit: “Đời Cho Đi Còn Mãi” MV

Earlier, Lã Phong Lâm also focused himself on writing the song “Việt Nam ơi! Cùng nhau đồng lòng”  to spiritually support people when the COVID-19 pandemic first started. Many celebrities and singers such as Xuân Hinh, Thanh Thanh Hiền, Quang Thắng, Tự Long, Xuân Bắc, Vân Dung, Minh Quân, Tô Minh Thắng, Quốc Anh also partook in such a meaningful project.

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Doi Cho Di Con Mai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgKSykj3oIk

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That is awsome of him to do. I’m glad the people on the frontline saving people from covid are getting the praise and respect they deserve. 


Thank you Lã Phong Lâm and his team for bringing to the audience a really good and meaningful song.


This is such a nice tribute piece. Just a shame it took a pandemic for people to start appreciating them. I have family who work in hospitals and clinics. These people have been so overworked and exhausted the last two years. It is nice to see people with platforms show their gratitude. 

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