MusicLe Bao Binh Releases Another Hit Love Song “Thuong Em Den Gia” With Over 10 Million Views in a Month

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Within only two hours, Lê Bảo Bình‘s love song “Thương Em Đến Già” shot to the top of the #zingchart in real time.

Sai cách yêu, Thích thì đến, Lá xa lìa cành, Bước qua đời nhau are just a few of the poetic and sorrowful pop ballads associated with Lê Bảo Bình. The male vocalist has changed his style with the release of “Thương em đến già”, a song with bright hues.

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le bao binh thuong em den gia vpop

credit: “Thương Em Đến Già” MV

The new single from the 1990 vocalist is about a man proposing marriage to a gorgeous girl. The song’s melody is calm and mellow. The lyrics, on the other hand, are more romantic and upbeat than those of the previous songs. Lê Bảo Bình has continued to make great progress during this metamorphosis.

“Thương em đến già” went straight to the top 1 #zingchart real-time within only two hours of release on Zing MP3, ending the 2-week reign of “Sau này nếu có yêu ai” (Tăng Phúc, Ngô Kiến Huy) on the charts. The singer has led the #zingchart for the second year in a row. His song “Sai các yêu” has previously set the record for the fastest song to reach the top of the #zingchart real-time in 52 minutes.

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le bao binh thuong em den gia

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credit: “Thương Em Đến Già” MV

The Vietnamese audiences are most likely to enjoy youthful and vibrant tunes as they prepare to embrace the Lunar new year. Many current songs with this color have high #zingchart rankings.

In particular, Nal’s spring song “Rồi nâng cái ly” was in third place on the #zingchart real-time. After only one day of release, Phát Hồ (of the group X2Xsong )’s “Em có người yêu chưa” was in fourth place.

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Thuong Em Den Gia:


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There are already people making covers of this song. Nuts how popular it has become. I think it is a lovely song. I really enjoyed the storytelling with the video as well.


I heard this song in Acoustic cf but did not know the name. Finally knew it!!!


The story is so beautiful and such a treat to watch. I must have watched the video 20 times now! The perfect song for when you are feeling romantic. I bet this became a lot of couples’ “us song”.


Nice to hear songs that are loving… Makes me feel there’s hope…warm & fuzzy inside…


It is great that he is utilizing his strong points. I think it is great that he is seeing these numbers for his efforts as well. Has one of the best male voices out there in my humble opinion!