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MusicLemese Drops a Heartbreaking Love Song “Vi Em Co Don”

Quinn1 month ago

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Recently, Lemese – a young, talented singer who once collaborated with Changg creating the recent massive hit “Lỡ Say Là Bye” has come back to the Vietnamese music market with her latest solo MV “Vì Em Cô Đơn”.

The song was written by her in association with AUGUST.

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It contains a moving melody as it describes the feeling of a woman who has been heartbroken after her then relationship. Lemese supposed that she would not dare to love someone else bravely anymore.

Even though “Vì Em Cô Đơn” is only a product of the lyrics MV, the crowd was instantly drawn in by her voice and tune. “Vì Em Cô Đơn” is a soothing song that appeals to a wide range of listeners. On social media, many comments expect Lemese will soon release the whole MV of the song “Vì Em Cô Đơn”.

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Lemese’s performing style in the music video “Vì Em Cô Đơn” is assessed to have resembled that of T-ara’s members.

Vi Em Co Don: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPWVrDc39ZY

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it sounded a bit horizontal at first, but when I heard it, I got addicted to it.



I’m addicted at first sight


it’s like a Korean movie soundtrack! Max likes z style



Like me, Vietnamese music now sounds really good


This song is so gentle i really like it 


The melody is so good, this song makes the soundtrack even better. Love your voice


It’s a great song. Could it be the song of 2021? I’m really feeling it. 

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