Music“Loi Yeu Ngay Dai” – the Indie Song About Innocent Love Surpasses Chi Dan and Han Sara on Vietnam Music Charts

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In a month, the song “Lời Yêu Ngây Dại” of Kha – Indie new voice is causing social networking fever and YouTube. The song quickly stepped into the highs of online music charts, bombarded soundcloud and made young people press replays constantly.

With the soothing melody extremely profoundly the song “Lời Yêu Ngây Dại” by rookie singer Kha has conquered the audience from the first days of its debut. Despite being a brand new face, Kha’s “Lời Yêu Ngây Dại” has reached 9th place on #zingchart after two weeks of release on Zing MP3. The audio track has attracted more than four million views.

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A little information about the owner of the song is storming makes young people enjoy listening to this indie love song even more. His real name is Nguyễn Minh Kha, born in 2002 and now he is a 12th-grader in An Giang. Kha loved R&B and wrote music when he was only in 7th grade. “Lời Yêu Ngây Dại” is Kha’s second official music product and was composed in July 2019. In addition, his two self-composed songs are “Ký Sự Ngọt Ngào” and “Chẳng Thể Say Đắm Thêm Một Ai”.

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kha loi yeu ngay dai viet indie

Source: YouTube

“Lời Yêu Ngây Dại” has a romantic and poetic melody that makes the audience easy to relate to the old love films of Hong Kong. Kha’s pleasant and soft vocals also makes listeners intrigued. At the same time, the lyrics of the song are also a significant determinant with the poetic lyrics, the metaphoric images and strange sounds that the audience has never heard before.

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kha loi yeu ngay dai mv

Source: soundcloud

“Lời Yêu Ngây Dại” is a song belonging to the Indie genre, but it is a bit Lofi (Low Fidelity) – a style of music that has a low-quality melody and sound which does not require a high technical sound or auto-tune. Songs of this genre always impress the audience thanks to the simplicity of the melody and a very “chill” vibe.

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kha loi yeu ngay dai music video


“Lời Yêu Ngây Dại” received many comments from viewers comparing the similarities of it to the song “Hongkong1“, even the way of filming the MV with the vintage color and the romantic hair of Kha. However, due to the same type of Lofi music, the feeling of the two songs being the same is unavoidable. “Lời Yêu Ngây Dại” in addition to owning a respectable view compared to an Indie song, the level of popularity of the song is also expressed through the cover. A lot of covers and remixes with different styles on YouTube also get great views. In addition, the live version of the song presented by the owner also reached nearly two million views after only one month of release.

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loi yeu ngay dai


In the past two years, Vpop has witnessed the ever-stronger “explosion” of the Indie/Underground music genre. Many faces from the underworld are coming to light and dominating the mass music market such as JustaTee, Jack & K-ICM, Dat G, OSAD, Đen Vâu, etc. It is predicted that in the future, the Indie / Underground flow will continue to cause youth fever with millions of views such as “Hồng Nhan”, “Bạc Phận”, “Sóng Gió”, “Một Đêm Say”, “Gió Vẫn Hát” and ” Lời Yêu Ngây Dại”.

Loi Yeu Ngay Dai:


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