Music“Lon Roi Con Khoc Nhe” – Truc Nhan Makes V-Pop Fans Miss Mom and Call Back Home

Annie5 years ago

In the Vpop music market full of love songs, Truc Nhan makes the audiences not only surprised but also touched through his new music video about maternal love named “Lớn Rồi Còn Khóc Nhè”. This song is composed by Nguyen Hai Phong – a composer of many songs about family sentiment.

With the meaningful music video content, which is directed by Kawaii Nguyen Tuan Anh, Truc Nhan conveyed the song’s message successfully which makes the audience want to call their mom immediately after watching it. It can be said that one of the reasons why “Lớn rồi còn khóc nhè” easily touched listeners’ emotions is its meaningful lyrics which took inspiration from young people in a hustle and bustle of modern life and neglects their parents.

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Although the MV just released a few days ago, it immediately received a lot of attention from V-pop fans. Many netizens left affecting comments: “I found myself as the main character because I also pursued my passion and missed a lot of stuff. I usually think anxiously about the future and forget the present”, “We should obey our parents when they still stay beside us!”, I immediately called my mom after watching the MV”.

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Interestingly, the chorus of the song has been posted on Facebook and Instagram by young Vietnamese people as a status Tôi ôm đàn và hát, đi xa cùng bè bạn/ Ước mơ con là vòng quanh thế gian/ Tôi vô tình là thế, hay quên gọi về mẹ/ Ước mơ của mẹ là thấy con về” (I play the guitar and sing, I go away with my friends/ My dream is to go round the world/ I neglect with my mom and  usually forgot calling her/ Her dream is to see me when I come back home)

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“Lớn rồi còn khóc nhè” has received positive feedbacks after a few days of launching (Cre:

The MV is a kind of a falling back time video from the present when Truc Nhan is an adult and lives far from home to the past when he was a high school student and a child, respectively.

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At the end of the MV, Truc Nhan cries and regrets because he treated his mom with neglect and a line Calltomomchallenge” came out, making audiences hard to hold back their tears.

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How about you? Have you called your mom yet today?


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