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MusicLou Hoang Was Hurt When He Was Betrayed in MV “Toi Nay Mot Minh” (Alone Tonight)

Arian2 years ago

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On March 2018, Lou Hoang and OnlyC released many songs which were well received. On March 14th (White Valentine), Lou Hoang and OnlyC’s “Yes I Do” MV quickly received support from fans. Then on March 29th, 2018, Lou Hoang officially released the MV “Toi Nay Mot Minh” (Alone Tonight) on his YouTube channel.

“Toi Nay Mot Minh” is a song which was composed by Lou Hoang and collaboration with composer Nguyen Phuc Thien. The song has R&B melody which is in vogue and the lyrics describe the lonely mood of a guy in love. Although the content is full of sadness and the lyrics contain many grievances, the pain in the MV was not too bad. Partly because the lyrics in this song are quite hip and youthful with some rapping.

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lou hoang distressed

Lou Hoang distressed after being ignored by his crush (Source: xonefm.com)

In addition, Lou Hoang built up the idea for this MV script. He and director Phan Len added the content of MV like a movie which has many dramatic details. The content of the song is based around his boring love life. Although he and his lover usually quarrel, on her birthday, he still skips everything to prepare a sweet birthday surprise for his lover. He personally decorated the house, bought a birthday cake with the wish that she would be happy. However, the message he left her was ignored and the girl did not come. Finally, his heart was broken when he witnessed she hugged and kissed another guy. He went back home and destroyed everything he had prepared for her.

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toi nay mot minh vpop

lou hoang onlyc mv

lou hoang vpop

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Lou Hoang witnesses his crush kissing some other guy (Source: yan.vn)

The woman the two guys loved in the MV is the second best of The Face Vietnam 2017 – Dong Anh Quynh. The rival of Lou Hoang in the MV is stylist Hoang Ku. It is known that some scenes in the MV had to be filmed in Australia and they were getting many difficulties. Sometimes the crew was in trouble when strangers came and demanded to break the camera.

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However, the crew calculated very carefully so that there were no issues. Lou Hoang hopes that this extremely thoughtful preparation will be supported more by his fans.

Toi Nay Mot Minh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyn0lk7bD5Y

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