MusicLuong Minh Trang Returns With “AI Dung Ai Sai” Filmed in Da Lat

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Lương Minh Trang officially made her imposing comeback in music market with the new MV “Ai Đúng Ai Sai” after a long time being dormant. It is said that Dickson Nguyen, who wrote Lương Minh Trang’s previous massive hit “Tàn Nhẫn”, is also the composer of this new song.

Lương Minh Trang shared that after listening to the song “Ai Đúng Ai Sai” for the first time, she adored it and attempted to memorize it straight away. Additionally, Lương Minh Trang was permitted to edit parts of the lyrics to make them easier on the tongue and to generate a more comprehensible and straightforward narrative.

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Notably, Lương Minh Trang holds many roles in the MV “Ai Đúng Ai Sai”. Not only is she a singer and female lead, but she also takes on the position of producer, co-writer of the MV script and the MV supervisor  the studio.

After being delayed for nine months for a variety of factors, Lương Minh Trang finally published the song “Ai Đúng Ai Sai” in its entirety. Regarding MV visuals, the romantic Đà Lạt scene and enigmatical love narrative in the MV leave an impression on the audience.

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Director Đỗ Hoàng excels in the spooky ghost genre, making it easy for him to realistically depict the romance between a chimpanzee cat named Chiêu Linh. In particular, Lương Minh Trang endured several challenges to play the character of a cat in the music video since Đà Lạt was rather cold at the time. In the final scene, Lương Minh Trang was getting ready for the filming process, and because of the weather, her face was much puffier than it was in the morning. Trang spent more than four hours outside in five-degree weather in that setting, unprotected.

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The MV “Ai Đúng Ai Sai” has now garnered more than 230K views and 5.8 thousand likes on YouTube and been available on Lương Minh Trang’s YouTube Channel.

Ai Dung Ai Sai:

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I have add it to my play list on YouTube. I get most of my updates through this forum when it comes to new releases so thank you for sharing this. 


It is crazy how different she looks with her make-up in this. I wonder who does it for her. They must be super talented. I love the song and the MV though. I think it is perfect for her song and her personality. 


How many songs has she released at this point? I am still new to her music and only know of 3 I think. I love the effort vpop artists put into their work but we need more releases! lol


I have been wondering when she would make a return. I think she might be my favorite vpop female singer at this point. I just love her look, style, and her voice! And she is so humble!


@vinami I know. I have gotten this from her as well. It seems like she is very down-to-earth and has a kind soul. It shows in her music too. She has a genuine look. 


I love the story told in the MV and all the flashbacks near the end when she is handing over the bracelet. Such a great way to incorporate the song with such a beautiful story. 

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