MusicMiu Le and Rookie Artist Hoang Dung Falls in Love With Each Other in “Tham Thuong Trom Nho”

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Miu Lê officially released her newest MV named “Thầm Thương Trộm Nhớ” on May 27th. The song that was composed by one of the most sought-after hitmakers in Vpop – Hứa Kim Tuyền, brings in a positive and sweet feeling of love.

Besides, Hoàng Dũng, a young, talented and handsome singer-actor also partook in this MV.

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For the first time collaborating, Hoàng Dũng and Miu Lê could already get along impeccably in every loving scene. In the MV “Thầm Thương Trộm Nhớ”, they appear to make the finest couple in front of the audience.

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tham thuong trom nho mv

credit: “Thầm Thương Trộm Nhớ” MV

The song “Thầm Thương Trộm Nhớ” impresses the audience by its youthful, appealing Pop tune and lyrics which portrays a couple’s blossoming feelings of love.

tham thuong trom nho miu le hoang dung

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credit: “Thầm Thương Trộm Nhớ” MV

The MV “Thầm Thương Trộm Nhớ” revolves around a love story of a couple. Hoàng Dũng played the role of a food blogger who has a great passion for cooking and always hides his face through a stuffed cat head in all his cooking tutorial videos. Miu Lê is a girl next door, who is quite adorable but shy to expose her feelings when she has a chance to meet Hoàng Dũng.

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tham thuong trom nho miu le hoang dung vpop

credit: “Thầm Thương Trộm Nhớ” MV

Miu Lê’s “Thầm Thường Trộm Nhớ” is no longer a monologue about love, but rather a conversation between two individuals – she had a crush on him from the first moment they have met, and he also fell head over heels for her after that.

tham thuong trom nho miu le hoang dung mv

credit: “Thầm Thương Trộm Nhớ” MV

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Though he was nervous and has yet to articulate his affection. The MV’s message is simple but concise and meaningful: “Always articulate your sentiments to the one you love so you don’t miss a single special time together.”

Tham Thuong Trom Nho:

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Great combination between Miu Le and Hoang Dung🤟🤟


I’m loving this song 🤩


Super performance and super song 😍🙌🏻


Miu Lê did an amazing job ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Oh wow, this is probably going to be my new favorite song of 2021. Thanks for sharing!