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MusicMr. Siro Releases a Chart Topping Song Again With “Dung Lo Anh Doi Ma” About a Boy’s Confession to a Girl

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Mr. Siro uploaded on the YouTube channel the song “Đừng Lo Anh Đợi Mà” on April 1st which was composed by himself.


The song follows R&B pop music, impressing with the tune that is both strange and catchy. The chorus is done in a modern way.

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Source: baomoi.com

The music of Mr. Siro is always gentle but deep and brings a feeling of deep pain and obsession every time, so it leaves a deep impression in the hearts of the audience who love music.

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Source: saostar.vn

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This like his other songs continues to be a gentle and deep song. The lyrics are like the words of a guy telling the person he loves that, no matter what, I will always wait for you no matter where you are.

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dung lo anh doi ma vpop music

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“Đừng Lo Anh Đợi Mà” was released in 2017. The original version was performed by male singer Bình Minh Vũ but did not create a buzz. Mr. Siro revived his compositions and was enthusiastically received by the audience, receiving nearly 16 million views.

Dung Lo Anh Doi Ma: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnWiFq0AxQc

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