MusicNew Artists DIMZ and TVk Releases “Thay Long”

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The song “Thay Lòng” performed by two new performers DIMZ and TVk, has become a current music sensation.

After a week on Zing MP3, the song is currently at #5 on the #zingchart real-time, with over 2 million views, and competes with several other hits such as “Chưa Bao Giờ Em Quên” (Hương Ly), “Yêu Là Cưới” (X2X), and “Em Là Con Thuyền Cô Đơn” (X2X) (Thai Hoc).

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thay long dimz tvk truzg mv

credit: “Thay Lòng” MV

DIMZ’s song “Thay Lòng” is a cover version. Nal and rapper TVk performed the original of the same name. “Then come” (top 1 in 6 weeks), “Cô Đơn Dành Cho Ai” (top 3), and “Thương Nhau Tới Bến” are just a few of Nal’s singles that have topped the #zingchart this year.

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thay long dimz tvk truzg vpop mv

credit: “Thay Lòng” MV

DIMZ’s real name is Trần Thị Kiều Diễm, a Quảng Nam-based freelance vocalist who was born in 1996. Two cover songs help the singer capture the attention of the mass on social media are “Ai Mang Cô Đơn Đi” and “Kiếp Duyên Không Thành”- attracted more than 10 million listeners at the same time. Her voice is assessed unique, with a high vocal range and a folk feel.

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The song “Thay Lòng” tells the story of a couple who has been in love since they were teenagers. When the guy gets older, he abandons his girlfriend and marries another rich girl. His girlfriend misses him badly and recalls old memories.

The song features pentatonic music and an electronic mix, as well as a quick tempo and a rap section in the middle. The catchy melody has gained a lot of traction in the online community.

In addition, some people have said that the song “Thay Lòng” sounds a lot like the second half of Nal’s song “Cô Đơn Dành Cho Ai” which was released earlier this year. Both singles have a similar structure and musical style. “Cô Đơn Dành Cho Ai” as far as the lyrics go, is about the girl’s feelings after her boyfriend goes to marry another wealthy girl. The reason the girl left the boy was disclosed in “Thay Lòng” because she was married to a wealthy family.

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Thay Long:

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Ohh thanks to following this website I know more about singers in VN even I’m Vietnamese but I don’t know much about Vbiz


A friend of mine introduced her to me. She is a good young and fresh talent to keep an eye on. I feel like she is going to really blow up over the next few years and I am excited to see where her career goes from here. 


Her pitch is perfect this the music, it is unbelievable how she hits it every time at the right moment so it sounds so fluid. Beautiful voice and a beautiful girl. 


Love this song so much, listening to the remix on TikTok is so good


She has a really nice voice! Wow! I am only just hearing about her but I am already a fan. Is there any other music she is in out there? 

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