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Music“Ngoi Nha Hoa Hong” by Huong Ly and Minh Vuong M4U Starts the Series of ‘Canh Hong Ly Biet’

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The song “Ngôi Nhà Hoa Hồng” by Hương Ly received many positive responses from the audience when it was released on March 2nd. “Ngôi Nhà Hoa Hồng” is recounted under the emotional voices of Minh Vương M4U and Hương Ly.

“Ngôi Nhà Hoa Hồng” is the title track to be released in Quang Vinh’s album of the same name.

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ngoi nha hoa hong huong ly vpop mv

Source: “Ngôi Nhà Hoa Hồng” MV

With the success of songs such as “Thê Tử”, “Nắm”, etc.

ngoi nha hoa hong minh vuong m4u huong ly

Source: “Ngôi Nhà Hoa Hồng” MV

Recently, male singer Minh Vương M4U continued to associate with Huong Ly and gave everyone this great song.

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ngoi nha hoa hong huong ly vpop music

Source: “Ngôi Nhà Hoa Hồng” MV

We are familiar with this song when singers Bảo Thy and Quang Vinh perform, but this is a new mix with a softer and more emotional melody when performed by Minh Vương M4U and Hương Ly.

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Ngoi Nha Hoa Hong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOZ1bN0pQ-c

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