MusicNguyen Ha Performs “Chay Troi Sao Khoi Nang” the 2nd Track From Nguyen Minh Cuong’s Melancholy Album

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“Hoa Nở Không Màu” performed by Nguyên Hà has won “the song of the year” prize. As to Nguyên Hà, she has already achieved a certain amount of success during the year of uncertainty.

Quốc Bảo and Hồ Tiến Đạt are the two talented musicians standing behind all of Nguyên Hà’s accomplishments in 2020.

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Earlier, she also collaborated with a young Indie composer to release the song “Hôm qua, hôm nay, và sau này”, which has become the latest massive hit in her singing career.

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chay troi sao khoi nang nguyen ha

Recently, Nguyễn Minh Cường and Nguyên Hà collectively unveiled the new album “Chạy Trời Không Khỏi Nắng”, which is included in the long-nurtured project named “Nguyễn Minh Cường’s Melancholy”.

nguyen ha chay troi sao khoi nang vietnamese music

According to Nguyễn Minh Cường, “Melancholy” took him over two years to progress and produce, and the new album also marks his imposing comeback in the Vietnam music industry after two years. In contrast to the previous album “Nhật ký âm nhạc”, “Melancholy” only includes his songs and some certain singers that used to work with him. Nguyên Hà is the first one chosen for the opening song.

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The album has eight singles in total, and all of them were were written about love stories. As a result, the album was not as well-received as Nguyễn Minh Cường expected. However, it should come to no surprise because he decided to stay in his comfort zone by utilizing the kind of theme as it brought him tremendous success in the past with the songs “Cả Một Trời Thương Nhớ” or “Dù Đã Biết”. Having said that, “Chạy Trời Không Khỏi Nắng” still received many compliments on Nguyên Hà’s voice. It seems that Nguyên Hà is the perfect fit to impeccably convey the spirit of the song.

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Chay Troi Sao Khoi Nang:

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such a wonderful voice, it gonna become one of my favorite songs~


@arian mine too ❤️


Mind blowing song. ❤️


Nguyên Hà just stole my heart with this song ❤️😍