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MusicNguyen Thao Evoke Emotions From Couples With “Thu Can” Song

Nhan2 years ago

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Giang Son’s “Thu Cạn” brings the taste of sad autumn which was shown through the images of a girl having gentle emotions in love. Giang Son told that she visited Sai Gon a few years ago and she unexpectedly read a poem posted on the SGGP newspaper which was called Cho Can Kiet Mua Thu poem (Y Mai poet).

She carried on it quickly and then started cutting, adding words. After that, she chose the greatest meaning possible in this poem. This extended until 2008 until she completed the “Thu Cạn” song.

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Thu Cạn is one of the greatest Vietnamese songs ever of Giang Son’s hit songs. With this song, Nguyên Thảo performed and left a lasting and dramatic mark with listeners thanks to Giang Son spending lots of time composing this song. On YouTube, a clip of more than five years which has over five hundred thousand views, it is not a big deal, especially in the music field – Gangnam Style has more than 850 million views in two months! However, this is the first time, Nguyên Thảo has performed this song among many audiences.

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Anyways, people say that you have to practice walking before running. Maybe it just accounted for approximately a hundred thousand and then in the future, will reach two hundred thousand, one million or two million. Please listen to it below.

It can be said that one of the reasons why “Thu Cạn” easily touched listeners’ emotion is its meaningful lyrics which took inspiration from the girl falling in love without a happy ending.

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When his heart has no space for the girl or when her heart doesn’t have enough space to contain her sadness. “Thả chiếc lá khô rơi” (Dropping the Dry Leaf), the wind is gone, the girl reproaches herself, she regrets and calls “wind” to bring her emotions back. It is undoubtedly true that there is nothing left for each other, the sound of the piano is even more melancholy than the lyrics.

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Source: vnexpress.net

I feel as if I was the main character. I sit in a dark corner, listen to the melancholy sound, my heart’s shattered, and then I shed in tears. Tears are represented for a love affair which is started from a vague beginning to an unclear ending.

The song is for the lovebirds.

This song is for you and me.

This song is for you from me as a farewell.

Thu Can: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1vEBmdryco

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