MusicNhat Phong Reveals His Real-life Love Experience in “Neu Nhu Anh Thanh Cong”

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With the newest song “Nếu Như Anh Thành Công”, NSX manager Đình Bình collaborated with Nhật Phong – one of the young, talented Vietnamese singers.

The song “Nếu Như Anh Thành Công” belongs to a narrative ballad genre composed by Nhật Phong himself. The MV’s story was written based on Nhật Phong’s real-life love experience.

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nhat phong neu nhu anh thanh cong mv

photo: “Nếu Như Anh Thành Công” MV

The lyrics of Nhật Phong’s new song, which has a catchy tune, are his confession of unrequited love. Following a series of ballads that were massively successful in the past, such as “Anh Từng Cố Gắng” and “Sầu Tương Tư” the song “Nếu Như Anh Thành Công” has been predicted to become his next big hit.

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neu nhu anh thanh cong

photo: “Nếu Như Anh Thành Công” MV

Earlier, Nhật Phong had also released the 42-second-long MV “Nếu Như Anh Thành Công” teaser, featuring him humming meaningful lyrics while expressing nostalgia for his ex-girlfriend. The audience can not take their eyes off the MV because of the shooting angle and color, which are produced with quality as good as movie scenes.

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neu nhu anh thanh cong nhat phong mv

photo: “Nếu Như Anh Thành Công” MV

The MV “Nếu Như Anh Thành Công” has received praise from many audiences as Nhật Phong’s most spectacular MV to date. The backdrop, attire, and tones in this MV for the young talented singer, Nhật Phong, are all cinematic in addition to his beautiful and warm voice.

Sharing about his new MV, Nhật Phong also mentioned how diligently he and his crew worked for several days to earn a few brief minutes on the MV. In particular, the weather appeared unfavorable when the team was filming the MV, which led Nhật Phong to postpone the shoot and remake an entirely new MV.

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neu nhu anh thanh cong mv

photo: “Nếu Như Anh Thành Công” MV

In the upcoming days, Nhật Phong is planning to keep releasing high-caliber music products and hopes the audience will support him. The MV “Nếu Như Anh Thành Công” has now garnered more than 2.8M views and 48 thousand likes on YouTube and been available on Nhật Phong YouTube Channel.

Neu Nhu Anh Thanh Cong:

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Another great song. I am always impressed by how well male vpop singers get their emotions across. It reminds me more so of the music in the ’90s when there was more emotion behind everything. 


Such a talent. I am suprised he is not getting more international feedback. He seems like he should have really blown up in a big way by now. Maybe it will happen still. 


@mrzero I think he does, at least compared to other artists. You would be surprised. He won’t be as big as some kpop groups on the world stage but he has a solid fanbase around the world. 


I was actually suprised this song was released. I didn’t see a teaser for it or anything. I may have overlooked it. I have added it to my playlist and have been listening to it since it dropped. I love it!


It is interesting to watch the video backward. The song itself is amazing and they did a great job telling his story with the visuals. It is catchy and easy to listen to. 


@kikobeep I was going to say that as well. It almost tells the story better if you watch it backward. I wonder if that was done with intention or now. That is the case for the MV at least, the song itself makes no sense! lol

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