MusicOnce Again! Huong Ly and Jombie Collaborate in New MV “La Ai Tu Bo, La Ai Vo Tinh”

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Hương Ly and rapper Jombie collaborated for the first time in August on “Khuê mộc lang,” a song inspired by the novel Journey to the West’s unusual love story between the devil Hoàng Bào Quái and Princess Bách Hoa.

The single was well-noticed in the market, as it ranked #2 on the #zingchart for the week and earned 52 million views on Zing MP3 after only two months.

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huong ly la ai tu bo, la ai vo tinh vpop

credit: “Là ai từ bỏ, là ai vô tình” MV

Hương Ly and rapper Jombie, once again, collaborated on a new product named “Là ai từ bỏ, là ai vô tình” After only 4 hours on Zing MP3, the song had exceeded a string of successes and rocketed to the top of the Real-time #zingchart.

It is Hương Ly‘s third number one song this year. The female singer had previously taken the lead with the songs “Chắc gì anh yêu cô ấy” and “Chưa bao giờ em quên”

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la ai tu bo, la ai vo tinh huong ly

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credit: “Là ai từ bỏ, là ai vô tình” MV

“Là ai từ bỏ, là ai vô tình” is a pop ballad with folk influences. Traditional instruments are used in the mix of the song, which is performed by music producer Sinkra. He’s also the man behind “Khuê mộc lang” and other recent Vpop successes like “Rồi tới luôn” and “Đọc đúng sách, yêu đúng người”

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“Là ai từ bỏ là ai vô tình” has a softer, smoother style than “Khuê mộc lang”, which has a quick and pounding pace. The chorus is infectious, and it is set to take over social media shortly.

La Ai Tu Bo, La Ai Vo Tinh:

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Ive known her mostly for her cover songs, now she getting success day by day by her own songs


I am always impressed with collaborations like these.  Both artists sound so very different but the music makes it work for both independently and together. 


Great song that is catchy and modern without sounding too washed out. That is one thing I love about vpop. It can keep a modern tone without sounding like everything else out there.


Such a great collab. Jombie has the perfect voice and flow to match a much softer voice. I hope they do more music in the future!