MusicOver 100 Million Views! Nal, an Idol From Dong Thap Creates a Buzz With Wedding Lyric Video “Roi Toi Luon”

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Hồ Phi Nal, a Gen Z musician from Đồng Tháp province, is generating a stir in the Vietnamese music industry with his song “Rồi Tới Luôn”, which is about a Vietnamese western wedding.

The song’s chill and cheerful melody threw a breath of new air into the music industry during the pandemic period, with six versions concurrently entering the list of trending videos on YouTube.

“Rồi Tới Luôn” has over 500,000 views on TikTok, making it one of the most popular Vietnamese songs at the moment.

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According to Nal, the song was supposed to be a gift for Nal’s brother on his wedding day in February, yet it was postponed as Nal was not able to finish it on time. Nal had created four distinct versions of “Rồi Tới Luôn” before the audience came to know it was in the style of Cha Cha Cha music blended with reggae.

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Nal admitted that, even though he enjoyed the song and put a lot of effort into it, he never imagined it would be as popular as it is now. Released during the Vietnam lockdown also put it at a disadvantage as there were not many stages to perform on. Nevertheless, in the age of social networking, platforms such as TikTok and YouTube have turned into online stages, with millions of people watching and enjoying crearive videos all day during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The lyric MV of the song “Rồi Tới Luôn” has currently garnered more than 100 million views and 655 thousand likes on Nal’s official YouTube channel.

Roi Toi Luon:

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Even just see a poster but I could know this song is quite cute and funny kkk


Over 100 mil is insane! I can see why it has this many views though. It is a good song and I bet a lot of people like to sing it together. These lyric videos come in handy.


I feel good with this song. This song is so cute