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MusicQuoc Thien Returns to Vpop With a New Love Song “Van Su Tuy Duyen”

Arian2 years ago

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After nearly a year of hiatus, Quốc Thiên officially returned to music with the music video “Vạn Sự Tùy Duyên” on September 10th. Besides being influenced by the context of the old Southern region (in Tiền Giang province), the MV also has a participation of a beautiful girl Ngọc Nữ, actress Lan Thy and hot boys Công Dương and Duy Hải.

Exceptionally, this is the first time that Quốc Thiên has collaborated with a famous composer Thanh Hưng who have millions of views for his songs such as “Đúng Người Đúng Thời Điểm”, “Sai Người Sai Thời Điểm” and “Thay Tôi Yêu Cô Ấy”. Besides the sad lyrics, the emotion of the song touches the feelings of the couple who love each other but can’t stay together. The song “Vạn Sự Tùy Duyên” becomes more emotional through the warm voice of Quốc Thiên.

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quoc thien van su tuy duyen mv

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For this comeback, Quốc Thiên chose to be a loving storyteller without acting. The Vpop MV opens with a meeting between Công Dương, a guy who works for the family of Ngọc Nữ and Ngọc Nữ – the daughter of a elite family. Although they both like each other, Công Dương was determined to hide his feelings because of their difference in social class. Besides, there is also  Lan Thy who fell in love with Công Dương and did not want Ngọc Nữ to steal him away from her. She tried all sorts of ways to mislead them.

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quoc thien van su tuy duyen

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After Công Dương rejected Ngọc Nữ, she became extremely heartbroken and then she took the advice of her family to marry a rich man who’s named Duy Hải.

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All the things that Ngọc Nữ sent to Công Dương made him regret his decision. Five years later, Công Dương returned to the old house and became a successful man. That time he met Ngọc Nữ but she is the wife of another man.

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van su tuy duyen quoc thien

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Although it is a sad love story, there is a positive message that when someone leaves you, you can move on and be stronger. Even though separation is hard, it creates an opportunity for us to find happiness in other places.

Van Su Tuy Duyen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PVMHrpVSrs



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