MusicRapper Phuong Cao Features His Favorite Basketball Players to Release “Windows Up” Right After Winning

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On August 13th, 2019, the Da LAB’s official YouTube channel premiered “Windows Up”. This is a music project between Phương Cào who is the leader of Da LAB boyband and his favorite basketball players.

This song was composed by Cào, Linh Cáo, SODA, Right and JGKiD. “Windows Up” has an ear-catching melody with quick beats that go along the rap lyrics and the sexy voice of Linh Cáo.

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phuong cao da lab windows up

Source: YouTube

The lyrics is like a challenge to the enemies of Cào and it describes the way he gets success in his rap career. Some people told that he doesn’t know about the rap but he just spits back with gentle sentences like he has done some things that his enemies desire. He doesn’t care what others say, he just smiles then gets in the car leaving the haters behind.

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windows up phuong cao vpop

Source: YouTube

He mentions himself as a hardworking person on the way to find his peak by waking up early and going back home late every day while there is no one on the streets so don’t criticize him when they can’t even grind like him. All he wants is to follow his passion and turn on the volume to overwhelm the sound of haters.

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phuong cao viet rap

Source: YouTube

The attracted voice of Linh Cáo also draws attention from listeners with the deep lyrics about not being able to slow down in life. She encourages people to not find the reasons why haters hate them and to keep moving on.

windows up vietnam basketball

Source: YouTube

The content of this Vpop MV was directed by Đặng Tiến Anh telling the story of a basketball player who has a hand injury but he practices so hard every day to recuperate. Finally, he overcame the injury and hardships of life to reach success. This story is the same as the situation of Sang Đinh who is a member of the favorite basketball team of Phương Cào.

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phuong cao basketball team

Source: YouTube

Sang Đinh also appeared in this MV with three other members including Tâm Đinh, Hiếu Thành and Phú Hoàng. Moreover, the participation of Linh Cáo, SODA and Right also made fans ecstatic. Many audiences left comments to compliment this song. “Windows Up” got over 260 thousand views on YouTube within over two months of its release.

Windows Up:

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