MusicRHY Released a New Song “Khi Nao Em Moi Yeu Anh?”

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RHY’s real name is Trương Hữu Luân, he is an indie artist and composer who write songs about his emotions from true life experiences.

RHY was born on March 20, and is a young recording artist and music composer. Like many young singers who are passionate about music, RHY is gradually asserting his position on the music path through his songs. Currently, this talented Vpop artist’s fanpage has more than 10,000 followers. He has released many songs such as “Mèo Mua Ở Đâu”, “Lời Nói Dối Của Anh” and “Bảo Bối Vô Lý”.

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Recently, he has introduced a new song to the audience and it has been supported by many young people because of the catchy melody, gentle and meaningful lyrics. The song was composed by RHY and mixed by TeeD.

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In the official audio, there is a Japanese street scene taken by RHY on a trip to Japan in 2018. Although the lyrics of the song had little to do with the film element, the film captured RHY’s emotions and thoughts driving around Japan while allowing us to be a onlooking passenger getting a view of the streets passing by.

RHY’s ability to create an official audio with film on his own is impressive and not boring for his viewers. Moreover, the lyrics are very meaningful and suitable to the mood and circumstances of many young people. The song is the confession of an unrequited love of a guy for a girl. The boy has always stayed by her side but maybe she was too hurt, so she didn’t want to date him. In the lyrics, he asks her when she will love him and be more than just friends:

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“Va em noi van chua san sang, rang doi ta chi hon tinh ban…

Lan cuoi xin tra loi, den khi nao em moi yeu anh?”

“And you said not ready yet, we’re just more than friend, I guess…

One last time, please! When will you love me?”

The song seems to speak to many people struggling with finding love. Since the song was posted, it has attracted many viewers’s comments. Many users told their own story, which was also painful like the lyrics of this song. The number of listeners of this song is increasing. If you enjoyed this song, you should also check out his other songs like “Mèo Mua Ở Đâu”, “Lời Nói Dối Của Anh” and “Bảo Bối Vô Lý”.

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Khi Nao Em Moi Yeu Anh?:

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I can say very certainly that this is not Rhymastic’s song, but another man’s, who goes by Rhy. Rhymastic tends to shorten his name to Rhym when he does want something similar. Rhy’s Instagram is in the description, and here:
Not a bad article, by the way, I just could never get over that error. Despite it being months since I first saw this article and two years since its publishing.


@snazzysnazzles thanks for letting us know! We fixed it pronto. How embarrassing 😳

Going to listen to his newest songs now.


Of course lol, I feel bad that it took me so long to actually open up about this

Sounds good, I could stand to listen to his later stuff myself